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I’m requesting a one-shot story featuring Ruki Makino and genderfluid Renamon from Digimon Tamers, having romantic and underage sex. The setting is in the Post-Reaper Digital World, specifically the Diginome Forest where the two had their first date. The Digital World has fully healed, and its inhabitants are slowly starting to form a society of their own. For the moment, the Tamers and their partners are charged with surveying the pocket dimensions/artificial environments that the Digimon had constructed for them-selves. The yellow Fox and her partner decided to mix business with pleasure.

Ruki will discover a new sensual, though perhaps awkward, side to her partner. Furthermore, the bisexual Tamer is in for a night she will never forget, as she discovers that her sex changing partner will give her the best of both worlds.

Note: To anyone outside of the gender binary, I apologize for using “both” instead of "any", as I know there are more than two genders and sexs. This has been a Perverted Public Service Announcement.

Kinks/fetishes: First time, multiple orgasm over the course of the scene, romantic mood, A-Cup Ruki, Ruki in a cute/sexy below keen-length schoolgirl outfit she brought with her, skirt lift/pantsu, Ruki in training bra and cotton panties with pink bow and camal-toe, clothed virginal licking, clothed fingering (Renamon slips her paw into Ruki's panties) foreplay until orgasm.

2nd round, pussy licking, 69.

3nd round physical sex/mental gender change (female pronouns to male ones pronouns), virginity loss, missionary position, cum inside, bareback, knotting, Ruki expecting to get pregnant only for this not to happen due to her partner not giving her consent to this, penis touching cervix, a big load of seed shooting into Ruki’s young womb, mutual orgasm.

4th round, a standing fuck with Renamon's arm's around her Tamers straightened legs and gripping Ruki’s ass cheeks, cum inside, bareback, no pregnancy, thick load of seed shooting into the Tamer’s young womb, and mutual orgasm.

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