'Alpha Male'- Love Hina review response thread


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Hi all,

A warm thanks goes out to those who read my story 'Alpha Male'.

A special thanks is given to nanapriss for taking time to write a review. To answer his concern about having more than 10 chapters with I post all the current chapters, the answer is yes.

I am writing chapter 11 now. Chapter 12 is being outlined. Chapters 13-15 are mostly finished which should culminate with many revelations in chapter 16. That should end the second arc.

Winter sometimes is a very difficult period for me to write in so the chapters usually come slower then. Health issues also had to be taken into account, both physical and mental. Now I am tiptop and back to tapping words on the keyboard once more.

Here is the story: http://anime.adult-fiction.org/story.php?no=600055405

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