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Grima Wormtongue/OFC


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So, ever since I saw the LOTR films as a teenager, I kind of became obsessed with Wormtongue.

Unfortunately, there isn't really any fanfiction featuring him as a main character. Here is my idea:

After Wormtongue is banished from Rohan, he scampers back to Saruman. Obviously he has absolutely no chance with Eowyn and it is unlikely that his bargain will be honored if the ring is recovered.

This could go one of two ways - Saruman finds a woman to sate Wormtongue's desires or a woman takes pity on Wormtongue only to become the object of his frustrations.

In either case, it would have to start out as noncon/forced. It could evolve into a consentual relationship, but the growth has to be realistic. I'm tired of seeing fics were women are falling head over heels in love with their captor before or during rape or shortly thereafter, with no realistic lead up.

Let me know if you're interested and we can talk specifics. Thanks for reading.

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