"Auribus Teneo Lupum II: Praeditos" a Fenrir/Harry story Review Replies

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Hello! This is my new topic that I will use to reply to my reviews on my latest story “Auribus Teneo Lupum II: Praeditos” since I believe if you guys take the time to review my work it's only fair I reply to them. I have decided to make this topic here so that I can do that without clogging up the actual AdultFanFiction site with huge replies and author's notes.

No one has to be registered to reply :)

Chapter 1 and 2 Replies:

Janelle: Great chapter! You handled the wolf mating scene well. Although I don't mind the idea of a sexually charged mating ... I really like how this was not sexually motivated. It was a means to an end and intimate without causing further sexual damage to Harry. The wolf laying out the cloak was a nice touch to show he remembers the last time and doesn't want his mate to be uncomfortable with the situation as he was last time. Update soon!
----Thank you. I'm glad you thought so. I wanted it to come across as Harry overcoming his reservations/fears and Fenrir still showing his care for him even as a wolf. I'm glad it worked that way. I like the idea of a chivalrous wolf Sorry for the delayed update (we had a power cut last night) hope you enjoy!

Eron: Can't wait to see what you do with the sequel. I'd love to see what happens to Marrok, if he ever gets someone of his own, and even see more little Kirian's running around.
----Hope you're enjoying the sequel so far. I have a little snippet of Marrok's future to come don't worry.

Jan: Its good to see Harry was able to fight his fears, and also able to enjoy it😊 please update chapter 3 soon.]
-------I'm glad you liked Harry facing his fears. I hope you like the next chapter just as much.

JBlack: I've been waiting for this moment for nearly a year!! So happy to see that you and your awesome mind are at it again!! Love the story thus far...and I appreciate your take on Lucius. I have always been a Lucius fan. He's a complex character and I'm glad you didn't completely demonize him. He's stubborn and definitely holds on to old prejudices, but loves his family all the same, reguardless of his faults. I think you remain true to JKR's characterization of all these guys, while bending them to your will. THAT is not an easy task and I applaud you for it. One question though, is Harry really 25? Because if Kirian and Teddy are 5ish, wouldn't Harry be 23? The timeline has confused me slightly. But I love these stories so I can overlook anything at this point. Can't wait for next week!!
------I know it's been so long hasn't it?! Insane. I'm glad so far it has been worth the wait though. I do love Lucius in an odd way XD I don't believe in completely 'evil' characters so i know what you mean, I get a little eye tick or something when writers make such complex characters flat. Woops no sorry I made a goof there XD Kirian is nearly 5 and Harry had him when he was 18 so Harry would be 22 at this point (the spring) so yes, sorry about that I will fix that now. What a boob ;) Thanks for pointing that out.

Anon: Lovely start! Glad to read more of your AU.
---Thank you!

Anon: Loved it, looking forward to the rest.
-----Thank you kindly

Green-Extreme-Ninjetti13: I was reading this and was wondering if we're gonna see Ginny with a new guy?
-----Ginny isn't a main character in this story but you do find out where she's at and who she is with and you do see her a few times. We see her happy.

Kain: So happy to see this continuation. Absolutely loved the previous story and am glad that we are getting too see more of this verse. This chapter had everything, humor, fluff, smut and a bit of drama near the end(thanks to head douche Lucius). Remus's reluctance is understandable considering the life he had but it is nice too see how far he has come and that he has learned to accept Harry and Fenrir's relationship and forgive the latter for giving him the bite as a child. While time-skips are not my favorite thing, it's understandable here and it was nice too see how Harry and Fenrirs son has grown and that Draco and Echo now have a daughter and it was cute too see Narcissa dote on her despite the circumstances of her birth. Happy too see that Lucius faced some form of punishment as he is in the top 5 of my least favorite HP characters. The man even when he has been saved from going to prison as he deserves, still has to find a way to be a dick to people and ruin an otherwise pleasant occasion. Good on Draco for calling his old man out on his behavior. Curious too see whether or not Harry decides to have another kid. -waits patiently for the next chapter-

------------------I'm so happy you enjoyed the first story so much, and that so far you're enjoying the sequel. I hope my little jumps aren't too big of a time hop, we do progress over a few weeks sometimes in the sequel so i hope that's alright, I know what you mean sometimes I find big time jumps hard to take. We won't have any huge 'year' jumps at any rate :) I loved writing a developed, grown Draco standing up for himself for once so I'm glad you did too. Hope you continue to enjoy the sequel! :D

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Chapter 3 Review Replies:

staar: nice read and hope that defense teacher don't hurt him ok that his prey's again !!!!! and Draco with a girl , so cute but man his dad is still the same an asshole!!!! see you soon !!!!
----Thank you and you will find out what the defence instructor is about in the next chapter don't worry ;) Glad you liked little Astrid! :)

Jan: Oh, I truly hope it's just his imagination and not a real danger cause he really needs a break from all the drama, please update chapter 4 soon.
----You shall find out very soon ;) Poor Harry, he invites drama doesnt he? lol

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Chapter 4 and 5 Review Replies:

Jan: Yes, that's just Harry and I feel sorry for who ever thinks they can change him. muahahahaha!) Please update chapter 5 soon.
I feel for Remus, truly I do, but he needs to stop making this about 
himself and making Teddy feel like now there is something wrong with 
him, please update chapter 6 soon.
 ----I agree  Unchangeable, unconquerable and Fenrir loves him for it. I agree with you. He is so worried Teddy will suffer what he did that he doesn’t realise what problems he may cause him xx
phoenix-rob: Let's hope Remus can get over his hangups and completely accept his wolf and his current life. Although the packs are now allied I have a horrible feeling in regards to Dromon especially once Harry has his baby and returns to help. Please let Fenrir not only support but keep Harry safe.
------He has come quite far. I think seeing his son go down even a remotely similar track was a shock to his system, however. Poor Teddy handled it better than he did X3 I hope that Dromon and the others will surprise you 
B: It's a much less sexually charged story than the first, but it's 
interesting to see how everyone's life is shaping up a few years after 
the end of the last.
-----yeah exactly : ) An extended epilogue of sorts to show where they are after the events of the first story. That’s how I think of it anyway. Glad you’re enjoying xx

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Chapter 6 and 7 Review Replies:

qwerty: SO GOOD! Crying at that last scene. Can't wait for the baby to arrive.

---Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed it so much Hope they were happy/good tears though. The baby will be here with the final chapter and I hope you enjoy it J

Jan: Lol, Harry could never due things as plan,

can he? Good thing Fenrir was able to take him back home where they'll

be safe. Please update chapter 8 soon.

---Of course Harry has to mess up the plan ;) He can never just go quietly. Luckily he isn’t alone this time xxx

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