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Multiple Fanfic Requests (Merry Gentry, Creepypasta, etc.)

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Hello all! I have recently returned to AFF and, after finding some very good reads, have come up with some requests. I'm busy writing my own stories, but I do have a few things I am hoping to see. All stories should be multiple chapters, but can include oneshots.

I love Merry Gentry, but noticed that there aren't many fics on the site. Here is what I'm looking for:

OC x Kitto (preg, m/f)

Andais keeps running through her public relations staff. A young woman comes forward and volunteers for the job. She has studied faeries as much as a human can and takes great steps to keep from being glamoured. Andais is very pleased with her commitment and rewards her with one of Merry's castoffs - Kitto. As Merry is currently pregnant with the amalgamation of her six lovers (not Kitto's), she no longer has any claim to Kitto and grudgingly releases him from her service.

OC is female, originally blonde or brunette. Hair can be colored with dye, either fully (not red), or as colored high/low lights. Skin is pale, may or may not have tattoos.

OC, while not dominate, will be the lead in the relationship due to Kitto's submissive nature.

Reader x Sholto (Preg, non-con, blood, m/f, 3plus, dp)

Reader is a female - do not make any specific mention of hair or skin color. I want everyone who reads this to be able to get into the character. Sholto, heeding his sluagh brethren and avoiding all out war, never pursues Merry. Reader, for some reason, is drawn into the fey world and, due to having a small amount of fey blood, is given to Sholto as an attempt at a truce between the Sluagh and the sidhe.

As with Merry, it turns out that reader has royal blood running through her veins (from a sidhe/human union somewhere in her lineage). She and Sholto discover that she has other fey talents other than being immune from glamour. Sholto and Reader try to keep the new found secret to themselves, but are eventually discovered and it is revealed that Reader is a viable successor to one or both fey courts.

In fey tradition, marriages aren't official until an heir is produced. The leader of the fey court Reader is a successor to tries to arrange her marriage to a more eligible bachelor of noble fey lineage to carry on the line if Reader ever does become leader of the fey. There may also be several rape or assassination/kidnapping attempts.

Reader eventually discovers she is carrying Sholto's and possibly one or to other fey's children (either as multiples or as one mixed fetus).

I am expecting A LOT of tentacles and rough/questionable consenting sex.

I've also seen some really good Reader x Creepypasta stories and would like to see more like them.

Reader x Creepypasta (m/f, 3plus, dp, gore, blood)

Reader is female. The pairing can be with one or multiple Creepypasta characters. I'm looking for a lot of information, not porn without plot.

It would be nice to see some of the original stories playing out with the Reader or a friend/family member/neighbor, something that really hooks them in and gets them involved so it makes sense as to why the Creepypasta are there.

This should be a horror/thriller with aspects of gore. This can be a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type story (which I really enjoy) or a straight forward story. In the CYOA version, choices can end with the Reader being maimed, mutilated, or dead, otherwise the Reader shouldn't suffer from injuries that are fatal.

Please make the characters act like we would expect a Creepypasta to act - i.e. Jeff the Killer should be an angry character that does things out of malice and spite, so he isn't going to start confessing his love for a girl he just met after killing her father.

Torment the reader, scare the reader, leave them wanting more.

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Registered for an account. Bumping my thread. PM or e-mail if interested in pursuing these requests. Please also check out my Currently Reading tab on the archive; the Creepypasta requests were inspired by RoverRose's amazing work.

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I'm also willing to do co-writing on some of these. If you have an idea for something you'd like to see or incorporate (into these stories or something new) please feel free to contact me.

I am currently writing about four new stories and I'm editing and re-uploading several older stories, so I just don't have time to do these specific stories on my own.

If you have ideas for CreepyPasta or Merry Gentry, run them by me and we'll see if we can work something out.

Thanks for taking a look at this post!

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