Reverse Harem!

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i have here a Challenge which i hope someone will take up to write:

It is a story where Harriet Potter (Female Harry) enters Gringotts at her sixteenth birthday. While there she gets requested by the Potter account manager to take her inheritance test.

After finding out that she received several titles and that she must marry one man for each title. So she spends time finding suitable husbands but ends up with more than she wanted.

Harriets Harem:

Potter: Artemis Lovegood (Male Luna)

Black: Regulus Black II (Sirius secret son)

Longbottom: Neville Longbottom

Malfoy: Draco Malfoy

Dumbledore: Colin Creevey (no evil Dumbledore in this fic. He must think of Harriet as his heir)

Rosier: Gino Weasley (Male Ginny)

Delacour: Frederic Delacour (male Fleur)

Peverell: Gabriel Delacour (Male Gabrielle)

Patil: Prashad Patil (Male Padma)

McKinnon: Dennis Creevey

Diggory: Cedric Diggory

Bones: Samuel Bones (Male Susan)

Abbott: Harvey Abbott (Male Hannah)

Zabini: Blaise Zabini

Bell: Kevin Bell (Male Katie)

Johnson: Angelo Johnson (Male Angelina)

Spinnet: Alex Spinnet (Male Alicia)

Weasley: Bill Weasley

Prewett: Charlie Weasley

Davis: Tracy Davis (the name can be used for both genders)

Greengrass: Daniel Greengrass (Male Daphne)

Lupin: Andreas Greengrass (Male Astoria; Werewolfs are infertil in this world though Remus can still be with Tonks)

There are several things which i would like to see in this story:

Voldemort died when Harriet was one.

Quirrel was a simple dark mage

The diary was simply a powerful dark artefact

Lucius gets thrown into jail for the diary-incident by Amelia Bones

Peter gets captured and Sirius gets free

Barty Crouch attempts to have Harriet killed by entering her in the tournament to avenge his master

Severus grows obsessed with Harriet and trys to rape her but gets killed by Sirius

Dumbledore dies of old age in Harriets sixth year

Ron was never forgiven after his betrayal in fourth year


Male Hermione

Good Dursleys

OC Brother for Harriet (Incest)

Male Nymphadora Tonks

douchebag Percy



Good Narcissa

I really hope someone takes up this Challenge. There are far to few Reverse-Harem storys out there.

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