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Chapter Index for 'A New Leaf'


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Chapter Summary Index for ‘A New Leaf’

(WARNING: Do not read this unless you want spoilers.)

I may also reply to reviews here.

Now it’s not that this is a collection of purely episodic short stories. There is actually a plot and I would prefer that people read it from the beginning. However, I decided to create these chapter summaries simply because the story is so long and some people just want to get to the juicy bits. You might really be in the mood to read about Dawn getting banged in a bunny costume but you just don’t feel like sifting through 200k words to get to it.

Pairings: (Jess is an original character. Xander-Spike is implied.) Buffy-Dawn, Buffy-Tara, Buffy-Willow, Buffy-Anya, Buffy-Faith, Buffy-Jess, Buffy-Vi, Dawn-Willow, Dawn-Jess, Dawn-Vi, Dawn-Faith, Willow-Jess, Willow-Vi, Willow-Anya, Vi-Jess, Vi-Faith

Tags: 3Plus, Abuse, Ageplay, Anal, Angst, BDSM, Bond, BP, B-Mod, COMPLETE, Contro, D/s, DP, F/F, Fet, Fingering, Fist, H/C, Humil, Inc, M/s, MiCD, Minor2, Nec, OC, Oral, Other, Rim, SH, S&M, SI, Slave, Solo, Spank, Tent, Tort, Toys, Violence, Voy, WD, WS

Things like Controversial, Minor2, and Incest apply to the entire story, but I’ll list some of the more specific tags for each chapter.

Please read the disclaimers in the first chapter. Other than that, feel free to use these summaries to skip around in the story and cherry pick whatever floats your boat. I hope you find something you like.

1. Missing – Buffy finds a note from Dawn saying that she has run away. With the help of Spike and Xander, she tracks her sister down and saves her from being sacrificed by an evil cult. (Violence, Angst)

2. A Rough Day – Buffy punishes Dawn by giving her a day of spankings. Afterwards, she comforts her sister. (Angst, H/C, Spank)

3. New Dawn – Buffy spends the day being nice to Dawn, nursing her sore legs, watching movies with her and having fun in the bath and living room. However, the pleasant day is interrupted by the appearance of a creepy doll. (Fingering, Oral)

4. Apologies – The Summers sisters visit the Magic Box and agree to let Anya spank Dawn at a later date. Clem explains that the cult is after virgin girls. After they meet Dawn’s friend, Jess, they go home to find that someone has broken in again and Buffy decides to take her sister’s virginity in an attempt to protect her from the cult. (Oral, Toys)

5. Friendship – Jess comes over to visit and Buffy researches ancient cults as the two girls study.

6. Rules & Reminders – At the end of Fall Break, Buffy explains to Dawn that they should keep their sexual relationship a secret. She explains the rules for going back to school and gives Dawn a strapping as a warning. (H/C, Spank, Fingering)

7. Welcome Home – Willow and Tara get home from their vacation and Buffy explains her new system of disciplining Dawn. They are both on board with it.

8. Back to School – Dawn goes back to school and Buffy has a conversation about financial difficulties with her friends. They decide to start doing magic for money and Anya is their first customer; however, when Willow attempts to cast an anti-theft spell on the Magic Box, she accidentally summons a giant snake.

9. Keeping SecretsWillow goes to get Buffy and catches her in the act with Dawn. After Buffy kills the snake, she and Willow have a conversation about her taboo relationship with her younger sister. Buffy convinces her that it’s ok and after explaining it to Tara, she volunteers herself to be spanked for keeping it a secret. Willow and Tara take turns spanking her with a paddle and cane. (D/s, Spank, Angst)

10. Comfort – Dawn talks Willow and Tara into comforting Buffy after the spanking. The two witches use their unique talents to give Buffy an especially wonderful night. (Fet, Fingering, H/C, Oral, Toys)

11. Negotiations – Willow is spanked by Anya for wrecking her store. Tara sets up the ads for their magic service. Buffy and the girls visit Spike to find out more information about the cult, learning that they worship a demon named Liluba who grants her worshippers extended life in exchange for human sacrifices. (Spank)

12. Benefactor – Buffy leaves a magical bundle of herbs under her bed to make Dawn horny. When they get a call from a distressed father with a possessed daughter, Buffy and Willow leave to help. Jess and Dawn stay at home and Dawn suggests they study on Buffy’s bed, where they play a seductive pop-quiz game that inevitably leads to Jess’s first sexual experience. Willow and Buffy are able to save the man’s daughter and he pays them a large sum of money. (Oral)

13. Forgiven – Dawn and Buffy go to Anya’s house for their arranged spanking date. Buffy encourages Anya to add to her punishment and Dawn is angry, lashing out at her sister verbally. Buffy spanks her even more for her bad attitude when they get home and Dawn apologizes in a special way. (D/s, Humil, Oral, Spank)

14. Test Day – After realizing she forgot to study for her Algebra test, Dawn convinces Jess to skip school and study at her house. Buffy surprises them by coming home early and gives them both a spanking with a wooden spoon. (Spank)

15. Halloween – Jess stays over for the Halloween party. After watching Willow and Buffy participate in a steamy dare, Anya bets Willow that she can’t make her climax. All of the girls team up on her and she loses the bet, becoming Willow’s slave for the night. Dawn and Jess stay downstairs while the grownups play with their slave in Willow’s room. (3plus, Anal, Slave, Spank, Oral, Toys)

16. Catastrophe Dawn and Jess get caught kissing in the locker room and are sent to the principal’s office. After flipping out and punching a teacher, Dawn is expelled by the principal. Willow and Buffy go to search for Jess while her parents are out. In the basement, they find ceremonial robes and weapons matching the ones from the cult. They kill Jess’s parents, who were involved with the cult all along, and find out where Jess has been sent. (Angst, Tort, Violence)

17. A Hard Case – Buffy meets up with Faith who helps them rescue Jess from the camp. They return to the homeless shelter and Buffy spends the night with Faith. (Violence, Tort, Abuse, BDSM, Spank, Oral, Fingering, Toys)

18. Upgrades – Buffy takes Jess and Dawn shopping for clothes and they discuss how they will try to get custody over Jess. After dinner, Jess is welcomed into her new home by having a threesome with Buffy and Dawn. They get attacked by ninja demons, after which Buffy asks Xander to make her house more secure. Willow agrees to teach Jess magic. (SH, 3Plus, Fingering, Solo, Oral, Toys, Violence)

19. Camping – While Xander does renovations on the Summers home, Willow takes Jess on a camping trip in the forest. Jess is naturally gifted at magic but she insists that Willow give her a “warning” punishment to prevent her from future wrongdoing. Reluctantly, Willow agrees and Jess invents a scenario for which she is spanked severely. At night, Jess explains her masochistic tendencies to Willow. (Spank, D/s, S&M, Oral, Fingering, Violence)

20. Relapse – Tara publically humiliates Dawn after she steals a candy bar and takes her home for a private spanking with a unique, new implement. (Humil, Spank)

21. New Toys – Buffy gives everyone a tour of the renovated house. At night, Buffy gets into a playful pillow fight with Jess and Dawn, resulting in some broken dishes. Buffy and Willow take the teens upstairs for some obedience training. (Humil, 3Plus, Fingering, Anal, WS, D/s, DP, Spank, Toys)

22. A Surprise Visit –Giles shows up unannounced with a girl named Violet. Due to supernatural circumstances, Vi has been activated as a half slayer and Giles asks Buffy to adopt and train her. Buffy finds out that she is being spied on by the Watcher’s Council. (Angst)

23. Training – As Buffy spends time training Vi, Dawn starts to feel neglected by her sister and after losing a fight with training swords, she erupts into a temper tantrum. (Angst, Bond, Spank)

24. Fading – Vi gets injured by a magical sword and Willow gets in a heated argument with Anya, blaming her for the accident. Faith arrives in Sunnydale and meets Spike. After some lengthy research, Tara discovers that Vi is trapped between dimensions and will start to disappear over time. (Angst)

25. Thanksgiving – Everyone comes to the Summers house for a Thanksgiving party but Faith and Buffy are called to deal with some vampires at the hospital. After the battle, the two slayers break into the high school and role play as teacher and student. Buffy asks Faith to stay and babysit her sister. (SH, Fet, Spank, Violence, Oral, Fingering)

26. Babysitter – Dawn wakes up to the terrifying realization that she has been left alone in the house with Faith as her babysitter right as a huge ice storm hits Sunnydale and knocks out the power. After a heated argument and several spankings, Dawn reveals why she has been angry at Faith for so long and the two of them finally make amends. Later at night, they are attacked and taken captive by a group of masked strangers. (Angst, B-Mod, Spank, H/C, Oral, Toys)

27. The Ritual –The rest of the gang travel to Nepal in search of the temple of Nuvaru. In order to keep Vi from disappearing, Buffy has ritual sex with her in a magical bath chamber. (Oral)

28. Interrogation – Faith and Dawn are captured by an all female division of the Watcher’s Council, sent to track down Vi. After getting no information from Faith, the head of the team tortures Dawn with numerous electrical devices. Faith performs an unlikely, extraordinary feat in order to escape her handcuffs and saves Dawn. (Angst, Abuse, SH, Tort, Violence)

29. Simplicity – Buffy and the rest of the girls come home from their trip. Dawn is angry and won’t talk to her sister. Faith explains what happened and Buffy is furious, both at the Watcher’s Council and at herself for leaving her sister behind. They weigh their options and Buffy decides to mount a counterstrike against the Council. (Angst)

30. Stargazing – (This is a very long chapter but I really don’t want to split it up because it all fits together as one episode.) Buffy falls into a deep depression, blaming herself for putting Dawn in danger. Vi comes by to comfort her, offering to do anything she wants. Buffy ends up ingesting a large amount of Tara’s healing potion, which causes her to hallucinate. Meanwhile, Faith and Dawn come up with an interesting role play in which Dawn pretends to be Faith’s bratty little sister. Jess, Willow and Tara have their own kinky fun, experimenting with magical vines and fisting. Vi comes and asks them to help with Buffy who has really gone off the rails with her mystical acid trip. (Abuse, Angst, Anal, Ageplay, Spank, Bond, D/s, BDSM, Fet, Fingering, Fist, Toys)

31. B & E – The gang flies to England and breaks into the Watcher’s Council HQ. They secure the building and go to search the basement which is guarded by a powerful barrier. Willow manages to open a hole in the barrier but recklessly endangers her own life doing so, which angers Tara. Inside the basement, they discover a laboratory filled with captive young girls who are being used in a horrific experiment. (Angst)

32. Reprisal – They trick the council members into showing up for a late night meeting. After exterminating the Watcher’s Council, Buffy and Faith track down the evil doctor and kill him in his home. When they arrive back at base, Tara finds out that the two slayers have been drunk driving. (Angst, Violence)

33. Chastisement –Tara punishes Willow, Faith and Buffy for their recklessness by brewing a dark magical potion to enhance the pain of the extreme spankings she administers throughout the day. (Angst, Bond, Spank)

34. Malleable –After Buffy’s punishment she is healed by Tara and goes upstairs to find Vi ready and waiting for her, eager to submit to her master. Tara explains Willow’s new discipline system. When Faith tells Dawn that she is leaving and going back to L.A., Dawn throws a tantrum. (Angst, Oral, Fingering, D/s, Spank)

35. Stronger – Faith goes back to L.A. leaving Dawn in a distraught state and Vi finds a way to comfort her. When Buffy gets home, she finds an excuse to make Vi her slave for the night and keeps her inside a cage. To punish her for keeping a secret, Buffy forces Vi to eat an entire casserole dish of one of her most hated foods: steamed carrots. She then spends the evening training her slave with a flogger and a special choker collar. (Angst, Abuse, Fingering, M/s, Fet, Spank, Toys)

36. Dreams & Awakenings – While sleeping in her cage, Vi has a dream that she has been transported to an ancient civilization where she is sold as a slave and made to fight as a gladiator. When she wakes up, she submits to her master in the real world. (Abuse, B-Mod, Spank, Slave, Bond, WD, Violence, Toys)

37. Shopping – Willow takes Dawn on a shopping trip out of town and the two of them pick out toys from a sex shop. When Dawn disobeys Willow at the mall, Willow decides to take the girl to a motel to punish her. She gets creative, using what she can find in the motel room for spanking implements and Dawn soon regrets her actions. Afterwards, they decide not to leave because of bad weather and end up spending the night together. (Spank, Oral, Toys)

38. Gingerbread –Buffy masturbates while she watches Vi build a gingerbread house. (Angst, Fet, Solo, Toys, Voy)

39. Christmas – On Christmas morning, Buffy finds a special present in her room: her sister has been magically shrunk to a shorter height. Dawn dresses in bunny ears and a tail to please Buffy as they spend the entire morning together in the bedroom. Anya brings over a board game and makes a wager with Buffy which she loses. Anya and Willow become Buffy’s slaves. (Spank, Voy, Fet, Toys, Solo, Oral, Anal, D/s)

40. Reconciliation – After some heated arguing, Anya and Willow finally make peace and Anya enters into an agreement in which Willow will punish her for being impolite. On the ride home from shopping, Dawn confesses to Buffy about her previous disobedience with Willow and, when they get home, Buffy gives her a long strapping. Jess and Vi get to spend their first night together alone and indulge in a little fantasy role play. (Angst, Spank, Oral, D/s, Bond, Fingering)

41. School Board –They attend the school board meeting to find out if Dawn will be allowed back into school. Willow uses psychic manipulation to trick one of the board members into voting in their favor and they win the vote. Tara has discovered that the demon they are looking for will be coming to the surface some time during the year. Spike informs them of a planned mass vampire attack to take place on New Year’s eve. (Angst)

42. New Year – Tara is disappointed by Willow’s magic report card for the week, and punishes her accordingly with Buffy’s help. Riley’s commandos attempt to assassinate Spike but Buffy is one step ahead of them. She takes control of the operation and they successfully thwart the vampires’ New Year’s eve attack. (Angst, Spank, Humil, Anal)

43. Second Semester –The three teenagers go back to school, confront their old enemies and also make a new friend. On their walk home, they are accosted by a creepy woman who keeps calling Jess a witch. When Buffy interrogates the woman further, the woman mentions something about Jess’s parents and the river. (Angst)

44. Swimming – Vi is challenged to a swimming race by a school bully and violates Buffy’s rules by not coming home immediately. Buffy catches them in the act and takes the three of them home for a paddling in their bathing suits. The spanking is Vi’s first real punishment and she panics, dangerously trying to dodge the heavy paddle several times. Buffy is forced to take her disobedient apprentice upstairs for a much more extensive discipline session. (Spank, Bond, Angst)

45. Contaminated –Anya explains how Jess’s parents have haunted the forest and the gang decide to go on a camping excursion to investigate and try to repair the results of their mistake. Jess spends the night with Willow in her tent and Willow does everything she can to keep the girl’s energy positive so that her parents’ spirits can’t affect her mind. (Fingering, S&M)

46. Apparition – After traveling for hours, the gang arrive at the river but the ghost’s spirit manages to take hold of them and they gradually start to lose their minds. Jess is sucked into a disturbing nightmare realm where she confronts her parents. (Abuse, Violence, Tent, Nec, Angst)

47. Birthday –Willow and Buffy go crazy on each other after overdosing on magical bath salts. After the birthday party, Dawn dresses in a very special outfit for her sister. However, she is surprised when Buffy takes the role play idea in a slightly painful direction. (Oral, Fet, Ageplay, Spank, Anal, D/s, WS, Fist, Toys, Solo)

48. Hubris –Buffy drives to L.A. to meet up with Faith and they track down a new lead. Back in Sunnydale, Vi gets an opportunity to spend some time with Willow. At night, Willow leaves the three girls in the house while she goes to visit Anya. When Vi remembers that she left something important at school, they decide to sneak out to go and get it but are attacked by a group of vampires on the way back. Spike shows up just in time to rescue them. (Angst, Spank, Oral, Fingering, Violence)

49. Refresher Course –When Buffy finds out what happened, she is furious. She and the other adults come up with a lengthy punishment. Since it is Dawn’s second major offense of the year, she is punished more severely than the others. Buffy explains that for the rest of the week they will have to draw random punishments out of a paper bag each day. (Angst, Spank)

50. Legumes –Vi chooses a slip of paper from the bag that reads “Lima beans.” Buffy puts her in her cage and has to give her several spankings to get her to eat a huge pot of her least favorite food. When Tara calls Buffy away, Faith takes over the feeding but Vi uses her charm to seduce her. Buffy returns to find the two of them on the bed and the two slayers team up on their apprentice. (Angst, D/s, Spank, Oral, Toys, Anal, DP)

51. Cold – Buffy spanks Dawn for not being able to hold in her multiple, cold punishment enemas and finally takes her down to the basement for a severe session with the horse whip. (WS, Spank, Angst)

52. Barbwire – On the last day of her paper bag treatments, Willow punishes Jess with a barbed wire harness and riding crop. Afterwards Jess spends a nice, quiet evening alone with Vi. (Angst, BDSM, Spank, BP, Toys, Oral)

53. Obedience – Buffy’s final test for the three girls is to force them to spank each other with the various implements. Dawn is punished by Buffy even further with the whip. After that, she is put through a difficult endurance test and finally receives forgiveness from her big sister. (Angst, Spank, D/s)

54. GutsWillow leaves for the coven and the rest of the gang do a locator spell to try and track down Cass. When they arrive at the location, they discover that they are too late and the priming ritual has already been completed. They get into a battle with a horde of demons and Jess uses a forbidden spell. Buffy asks Tara to take the girls out of the house so she can punish Jess. (Angst, Violence, Spank)

55. Broken(This one gets pretty extreme.) Jess suffers through an entire day of excessive spankings from Buffy as punishment for her use of dangerous, forbidden magic. (Angst, Bond, Spank, Solo, BP, Rim, Anal, Toys, H/C, WS, Finger, Humil)

{The last three chapters don’t really have any erotic content. They’re just for the nerds who want to find out how the story ends.}

56. Near Miss

57. Angels

58. Ripped

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Chapter 17: Buffy and Faith make for a hella hot couple. Damn!

Btw, aside from the hot sex & discipline scene I'm also enjoying the plot. :)

Very enjoyable story so far.

I'm glad you're liking it! Thanks for all the nice comments. :-)

Awesome story, I especially like how I could read all of it without waiting around. I read it in roughly a week. I especially like the inclusion of Vi, she doesn't get as many fanfics as she should.

I agree, Vi has a lot of potential in these kinds of fics. She's got the whole "naive & innocent" thing, she's cute and she doesn't have a lot of backstory in the show.

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