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mage Inuyasha

Guest Quinn

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I would like to read a story in wich Inuyasha is a mage.

My main reason is that until the very end, it is always the sword that gains power, but not Inuyasha.

And I want to see Inuyasha himself getting power, in the sense of "even without the sword, he can manage."

And I like mage or magical.

So I really want to see a mage Inuyasha.

A Inuyasha hat

a) can change forms

b) can fly

c) can teleport

d) can heal

e) call the elements (let it rain,fire or water, can make an earthquake, call the storm...)

f) can throw lightning, fireballs,...

g) make a child like Naraku


Maybe also

a) summoning

b)"writing" a real object out of air (like... he paints a chair in the air with his finger and the chair will exist.)

It is your choice if there should be pairings.

I am nearly for all pairings, if well written.

So it matters not if it is Yaoi (Sess, Kouga, Miroku or even Naraku) or Hetero (Kagame, Kikiou, Sango)

But please, No dark /evil Inuyasha.



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