I still can't beleive people actually READ my stuff on here...


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I'm rather new to this site so please bare with my odd questions.

I'm curious to know why people want to read my stories in particular.

I'm going to admit that I write rape fics, my stuff is probably the most offensive thing on the internet. I wouldn't expect many people to be into that sort of thing. I save my real writing skills for my vanilla work, I hardly put any effort into my stuff on here. Mostly I just shit a fanfic all over a word document and that's about it. The only reason I write them is so they are gone because this side of me is a malignant tumour.

Since I'm new I don't have any amazing stories with lots of feedback. But I have stories only months old that have more views, reviews and rates than my entire vanilla YouTube channel that is years old and is always plastered all over my facebook and twitter!! I use my youtube to promote and add to my vanilla career. I don't promote my adult stories at all.

One young story that I just shit out overnight and slapped on the site has over 2000 hits. My favorate of my vanilla YT creations I spent weeks creating has 30 views, one like and one comment of me automatically sharing the fucking thing!!

I'm surprised people have even said nice things about my one chapter PWP stuff on here. Meanwhile, getting my vanilla epic fantasy novel (that has taken up YEARS of my life) to be read by anyone but my immediate family is like shitting bricks!

So what is it about the kind of stuff I write? What happened?

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Sex sells, and if it bleeds it leads. I'm not trolling, I'm spreading the gospel of the human psyche. We are all horny little violence mongers deep down inside. :D

Also if you're writing in a pre-existing fandom most of the work to get people interested is already done, the people reading are already a fan of the characters you're writing about, you just have to put a small amount of effort in to get people interested enough to click on it.

It takes a lot more work to get people interested in original writing because people have to take more of a chance. I'm not a fan-fiction writer, I write original and I feel I'm doing pretty well in my category, but if you compare my hits to say... a harry potter fic that has been out as long, I have virtually none (though I have 2k ish :D).

It's like comparing fifty shades of grey and... The Sword of Truth Series. More people have read Fifty Shades in the last 5 years... because it has sex in it and was originally twilight fan-fiction. Sometimes I wonder how many hits I'd get for my stuff if I changed the names and descriptions of the characters and smacked twilight in the title... but that's neither here nor there :)

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Regardless of how little known it is there are fans out there that will read the fic. Also you can try putting your more serious work on more writing focused sites, such as this place or Wattpad or Fictionpress. As I stated before, the fandom is pre-established so people will be more willing to read/take a chance on it.

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