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Challenges and Request Forums.

This is where you can post challenges to writers, or request stories to be written based on your ideas.

If you want to take up a challenge or request, it is permitted for the original poster and the author to discuss ideas and how to progress the story.

It is recommended that once an author has taken up a challenge or request, and posted the story, s/he post a link to the story in the relevant Challenge or Request thread, and then create a Review Response thread in the appropriate forum, where readers and author are welcome to discuss the story at any length.

It is NOT permitted to post random, unrelated ideas, or hijack a thread to come up with new ideas, no matter whether they are related to the original post or not. If the writer who takes up the challenge asks for input, keep it to the point, and do not derail the discussion, and allow the author time to respond.

The Challenges and Requests forum is NOT meant to be used like some sort of a think tank with endless ideas being thrown out, but no one taking up the challenge.

If you have an idea, create your own thread to post your ideas, and wait for someone to take up the challenge.

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