Experienced Beta, open to any fandom

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Name: AquaTonic

Fandom: Any

Preferred Program: MS Word


I've beta-ed before for about 5 other authors through the years on another website. I have experience in editing dating back to being an editor in high school on my school's newspaper for 3 years. I continue to edit on the side for friends and family. I prefer to use MS Word because of the comment system to highlight sections of text, and correct spelling errors. The system I have in place is to highlight words in red where I've corrected spelling so an author can see the changes made.

On a personal side, I am married (spouse is military), volunteer, going to college online, and currently pregnant (due Feb). There may be points in time where I will be unavailable due to my spouse's career (moving, social events, volunteering, preparing to deploy, etc.), newborn coming, or studying for an exam. I will notify you if an event comes up where I may be unavailable but I do like to reply within a day or two with corrections.

I do write, so please feel free to take a look at my work before deciding.

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Hello. If you ever watched Kim Possible, I would like you to help me re write an old story called Study Date. I’ve came up with the idea, written the story, and a friend posted it for me. But I never got a chance to finish it. I would like to expand beyond what I have written, and give it a more satisfying ending. If you’re interested, please reply or send me a message.

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