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My SciFi/Fantasy NaNoWriMo Novel was entered in a Contest I would appreciate the support

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So I really haven't done anything exciting China and Travel-wise but I did write another novel in November for NaNoWriMo.

The novel that I wrote for NaNoWriMo this November is entered into a contest at Jukepop where I could win $200 and have it put in a library. To win I need a lot of +votes. To read my novel you have to sign in to the site but you can do that by signing in with Facebook, or signing up for the site regularly. The contest ends at the end of February I'll update at least a chapter a week, and if you like it you can give a +vote for each chapter. This is also a first edit, so critique and suggestions are welcome!

I would really appreciate your support and opinions on my novel! Thanks!

If anyone else is in this contest pass your story link on and I'll check it out!

Summary: Time and Space are infinite, and always changing. They are not linear or logical at the best of times, but it doesn't mean that they cannot be hurt. Christopher Michael Smith is a Business Management Major in College He is an average guy with an average life. There is nothing spectacular about him nor is he boring and easily missed. He is from a statistically average family, in a statistically average town. He believes himself to be a practical and average person.

But when is average and common an anomaly? When that is all you are. An anomaly so singular, so strange, so common, that it is stabilising, that it can fix and balance the wounds in the fabric of space and time.

But do the wounds need healing? And if they do how much? Who is right and who is wrong? And what will it mean to the world as we know it?

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