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SesshyxKag really old fic

Guest Sesshy-Kag-Lover

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Guest Sesshy-Kag-Lover

ok so this is a REALLY old fic like years... it WAS called 'Trust in a Yokai' but it is not called that anymore so please dont send me to it that isnt the right one :(

here is what I remember.. and it isnt alot..

Kagome was taken prisoner (dont know if they are humans or demon) and thrown into a brick cell with only one door and no window.. sesshomaru ends up in the cell (cant remember if he was there to begin with or not) and he is really hurt badly and chained to the wall and looks near death....skip ahead a few days of kagome driving sesshy nuts and a really awful demon that basically sounds like a green guk monster comes in an rapes Kagome and kagome fights uncoutiousness because she knows if she passes out that her miko power will flow off the thing raping her and zap sesshy, also I remember the green guk guy having some sort of power of sesshy like a necklace or something =/ they someone get free and after that I have no idea xD I can't remember what happened next =/

if this is a story that has been deleted or removed for some reason just knowing would be seriously helpful because it would suck if they just changed the name or something and thats why I cant find it so any help would be great!

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