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Some time after Smaug is killed by Bard a naked man is found washed ashore on Long Lake. (Said man looks like Benedict Cumberbatch, for reasons that will soon become obvious if they aren't already.) He is taken in by a local fisherman and his family who nurse him back to health. Once the man awakes he begins to refer to himself as Smaug and demands to know why he is now a feebal human. Nobody truly believes the man's claims that he's the fearsome dragon, after all the dragon's carcass is still visible in the lake.

The fisherman's daughter (who's enamored with the man) says she believes him though, at least she wants to. So she sets out with Smaug on an adventure to try and return him to his natural form. Along the way Smaug has to learn how to deal with being a human while the fisherman's daughter tries her best to keep him under control and well behaved. Despite their constant bickering and all the trouble Smaug gets them into the two eventually come to love one-another.

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