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Can you make an FAQ to help identify "Fan-Make" or "Read the book" stories

Guest innis1657

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Guest innis1657

I just had a story taken down for being either "Fan-Make" or "Read the book".

This was my first posted story here, so I had to read the ToS just before posting it, but I had a hard time finding any sort of official definition for either of these.

I had thought my story was different enough from the original to not be Fan-Make, and I made sure to include mention which show and episode the setting and the 15 lines of dialogue were taken from.

I never did actually find any definition for Read the book. That search populated over 600 results and none of the ones I saw looked very official. Mostly it was just catching posts with the individual words.

Anyway, I was hoping for an FAQ that would give specific signs and symptoms of a story like this. I really don't want risk having anything else I write fall under those flags and get me banned.

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