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Naruto : Puss In Boots (Naruto style) - Up For Adpotion.


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Pen Name : RiddleOfAllTime

Story Title : Puss In Boots (Naruto style)

Genre : Romance, Yaoi, MM, plus undecided other.

Pairing : SIN (SasukeNarutoItachi)

Summery :

The story of puss in boots, or should I say Itachi In Boots. (I am not very good at coming up with summaries for that I'm sorry)

Chapters : Only One.

Link : http://naruto.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600102750

Contact: I would like to be either contacted through my e-mail at vampire_fanatic@hotmail.com or through PM in this forum.

I would also like to add that this story had been given to an author by the name of kinkou however that was 2 years ago with nothing happening to it at all and I would like to give this to someone who would actually try to continue it.

I hope you like it and take it off my hands since I can not complete it as I have no time or any motivation anymore.

Thank you RiddleOfAllTime.

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