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Well the fandom had a great life.


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How long has it been? Six years or more now since the Inuyasha fandom was popular in fanfiction?

Well I suppose not many last in popularity for much longer than that, and really what I'm trying to say is....

It's all been done. All of it, really. I've been looking through the stories for the last few days, hoping something would jump out and catch my attention. Sadly, the summary's are the most cliche, overdone things I've ever read. The few rare times nowadays that I see an original storyline that doesn't involve Original characters (I refuse to read those.) I read it, only to find that two chapters in they'll ruin it with some 'twist', or change the pairing without warning, which is a complete turn off to a good, or even great story.

Take for instance, the idea of 'marking' and 'mating'. This was a fan based idea that seems to be present in ALL stories which came after. I've put them into my own, yes, but normally by the end of the sex scene I just need it over and done with, and it seems to be a good close. But if a story is going to run for a few more chapters, they could think of something a little more original, to give their story that much more, and make it more interesting.

Sigh, I suppose I've been ranting. I just wish there was something that could hold my interest past the first chapter, without making me mentally scream "THIS HAS BEEN DONE A HUNDRED TIMES.".

Also M-Preg, why is there so much M-Preg in the hetero section?...

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