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This person, who went by the name "greeniesshadow" here at AFF is a plagiarist and troll.

Here are the two stories this user stole:

The first is called Roses Among the Ashes.


The original story is by Greenie, also titled "Roses Among the Ashes"


The second is entitled "Gently with the Dawn". The original author, Greenie, has only published this so far on y!gallery, not here. That is irrelevant, however, as theft is theft.


This user who likes to steal from others has also decided to use an alias email, i_am_animehead@hotmail.com, in order to HARASS Greenie via email.

Naturally, I do happen to know that this is not the user we all kinow here as animehead (both in archive and forum). So, if anyone has gotten any kind of troll or flame mail from this person, PLEASE be aware that it's not animehead doing it. It's this person who has been deleted from AFF, who went by the name greeniesshadow.

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