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Can I move my stories from one zone to another?


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It's not possible for the end user to move stories around from subdomain (zone) to subdomain. Should the user accidentally upload to the wrong zone, there's a couple ways this can be handled.

First option - this would apply IF no rates or reviews have been made to the story

Be sure to navigate to the correct subdomain (using the tab menu from the portal, or the jump menu from the Author Panel), then upload the story to its proper home. Then, delete it from where it doesn't belong. This is by far the quickest and easiest option.

Second option - this would apply if rates and reviews have been added to the story and you really don't want to lose them

  1. Re upload the story to the correct subdomain (zone).
  2. Contact us in one the following ways so that the rates and reviews can be merged from the misplaced story to where it has been re uploaded to:

    1. email to admin@adult-fanfiction.org, subject - Story Merge. Provide links to the old story, and then the newly uploaded one, so I know where to go to merge from one story to the other
    2. POST your request in the Misplaced Stories forum, detailing out the problem as indicated for mail requests.

Once we've been contacted to merge the misplaced story's rating and review data, you'll either recieve response via return mail, or you'll notice that the topic posted has been closed. Once a topic in that series of forums is closed, that means I've finished up the request. Once the story data has been merged from misplaced to new upload, the old story will be deleted. Please note, though, that the second option can take a while to complete, so you'll need to be patient.

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