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What category does my story belong in?


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In general, your story would go to fandom it's written for. If it's an original work, though, it would go in the originals zone/subdomain, as it is not a fan fiction.

General Category

Stories that would go in that category in a fandom, would be something that is a story that is set in the fandom's world, but without emphasis on a romantic pair. Say an action/adventure type story, for example, that's set in a fandom's universe.

AU - Alternate Universe Category

These would be stories that involve characters for a fandom, in an alternate universe. If a story is AU, regardless of pairing TYPE, THIS is where it belongs.

Pair Type Categories (het, slash/yaoi, femslash/yuri)

If your story contains many pairs, as is often the case, WHERE your story would go is determined by who the main pair is. Then, if there is a subcategory that lists that pairing, it would go to that subcategory.


These are stories that have 3 or more as the focal point rather than a pair. It can be a mix of sexes, or all one sex. The only requirement for selection would be 3 or more.


Say, for example, your story is a crossover between InuYasha and Harry Potter. It takes place in feudal Japan, the main pair are InuYasha characters. Your story would then go into the InuYasha archive's crossover section.

Round Robins

You know that toggle that lets you have other users add to your story, or not? That is how you'd do a round robin fic. So, they have their OWN categories.

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