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Hawksong challenges

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Guest MelodyPotterSnape

Gregory Lives

In Gregory lives because his injuries weren't bad. How does this effect the story?

How does he survive:

  • It could be that his brother and company show up and Danica tell the elite flight to stand down so that they can peacefully get them. Maybe they set up the meeting in the tiger land then.
  • Danica could take him with her to heal him. Zane could appear to 'save' his brother only to find that he is being taken care of. They could know that he is being healed and things follow the book but Gregory comes with the avains.

Pairings: Gregory/Danica, Zane/Danica, Zane/Danica/Gregory

Working Together

Zane chose to comfort Danica when he saw the scars on her the night that Vali died. They try to think of ways to create peace. They eventually fall in love during this.

Peace Treaty Interrupted

The Falcons interrupt the peace treaty by attempting to attack Zane's party. Danica notices them in time and pushes them out of the way. In this she is just as good a fighter as Zane, but just didn't join the army. So she and Zane kill the Falcons, but get separated from their parties somehow. They some how end up trapped in an enclosed space together. What happens if they had more time to talk about the tiger shifter's proposal? Just how much hand have the Falcon's had continuing their war?

Danica Stays

When Zane tells Danica it is best if she went back to her room after the talk they had about Nicola's accusation; she decides to stay. What happens?

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