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Review for stories by Shadowfox13


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On Seducing Yusuke my thanks for the reviews to:



I really appreciate the reviews and the help spotting any errors. I do my best to catch them, however I'd been doing a mass up load of old stories I found on my computer. I will most likely be doing more re-editing as well. ^.^

On Crystal Pure, my thanks go out to the following:

Altar of Wishes




I am working on it (I lost track of both my account here for a while and then found it and my files), it'll take some time since I'm going to have to go back and see how I can improve what I have first and

will be rotating with other fanfictions, Originals and learning Tagalog for my upcoming trip next year

to visit some relatives. :) I was glancing through the old files and cringing a little. So sorry for the delay. :(

For Natural Obssessions, I'd like to thank the following reviewers:

story reader - I'm so sorry I lost track of my old stories. They aren't forgotten, honest. It's just taken me longer than I originally thought it would due to many obstacles. I am a little more organized this year and will be working with it.

Jane Silver - I will definitely working on it. :)

Caytin Lowe - I lost track for a while due to RL obstacles, but I will be working with it.

lyric - I am less bogged down in RL and will be re-editing and working toward finishing

all my stories.

Metranome - I had not thought of using the moon, but I'm glad to see I'm not the only one writing this unusual pairing. :D Thank you for your review! ^.^ I will be working with all my unfinished stories. I am so sorry it's been dormant.

Ali - Thank you for the review and now that I am less bogged down in RL, I will be trying to finish all my unfinished works

Suryallee - Hey! I have your stories on FF net too! I haven't forgotten, I just got bogged down by RL. I'm going to try and finish what stories I started. Btw, I still haven't forgotten my offer, the RL world has been a little tricky. If you still want me to beta, I will do my best.

ShiTiger - Heh, glad you enjoyed. I am going to be working with all my unfinished works, so hopefully this will be among the ones I get finished this year.

satomi - I'm sorry for the very long delay RL world sort of took most of my attention. I'm going to be working toward finishing what stories I started.

For Homeward Horizons, I'd like to thank and show my appreciation for the following:

breathless - It's been long in coming, but I am going to be working on them more this year. Hopefully with a finish in sight.

bibbiesparks - Thank you for pointing out my error. I did a cut and past of chapter two off of my old files (kind of late) I must have been tired enough I didn't catch it then. I appreciate the help. I'll be working on all my unfinished works more this year and hopefully will finish the majority if not all some time this year.

Everyone's been wonderful and courteous. You have my appreciation, respect and thanks. Now that I have access to my old account again, I'll be making more effort to rotate the stories as I work on them.

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