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Alcinda Kira Bindi

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Fandom: Harry Potter

Name of character: Alcinda Kira Bindi
Race of character: Witch ( Dragon Heritage - all will be made clear in my Fanfic, if I ever write it... )
Age of character: 16
Height of character: 5'6"
Weight of character: 120
Brief background of character: Ali grew up with her Muggle mother, her mother told her everything about the world her father came from. Her father had left her his journals detailing his own life in the Wizarding World, and Ali loved to hear her mother read these stories to her. Ali started school at Hogwarts when she was eleven, where she was sorted into Slytherin House, just as her father had been.
Character's position or job: Student
Strengths/Skills: ( I'm having difficulty with this one )
Are these skills typical of the fandom? If not, why?:
Weaknesses/Bad habits: Bossy, but loving.
Distinctive features, if any:
Are these features unique in the fandom? If so, why?:
Connections to canon characters (if any): Ali became best friends with Draco Malfoy the first day of their first year.
How does your character get on with those around him/her?: Ali is a bit of a mother hen with her friends, she enjoys being around other people, and will scheme to end feuds and fights.
What does the other characters think of your character when they met her/him?: Harry, upon first meeting her was surprised at her openness. He was even more surprised when she was Sorted into Slytherin. Most people find her to be funny, headstrong, and more than a little sly.

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