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Lin Beifong's Secret Sex Slave


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The challenge/request is about a young(Age being between 11 to 17) male homeless non-bender OC, who is caught doing a minor crime by Lin Beifong. Unfornately for the OC, Lin Beifong is in very bad mood, very horny, or both. Because insteed of taking him to the police station, she knocks him out and takes him to her secret basement that can only be found if you have the ability of seismic sense. Here Lin Beifong rapes the OC till she is completely satisfied even if/when the OC passes out. Lin Beifong of course decides to keep the OC as her Secret Sex Slave to help get rid of her sexual frustration.

Now, here are rules:

1. No pegging.

2. Females can only rape the OC(Examples: Korra, Female Metalbending Police Officers, the Spirits of Past Female Avatars, and etc).

3. No futanari.


The reason that Lin Beifong is in very bad mood, very horny, or both is because it's the day or anniversary of when Tenzin dumped her.

This was what inspired me to make this challenge/request:

This challenge/request is still available because DrChristmas has decided to quit trying this.

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