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Forum RegistrationFirst of all, so there is no misunderstanding, this is not truly an open forum. This is for the fiction portal users to be able to communicate with one another, get social, whatever they feel like doing.

Because it's not an open forum, registration is generally restricted to users who have a pre-existing archive login. There are some exceptions to this, but they are few and far between. Read this topic that covers the exceptions. For the most part, if a user registers for the forum, and I cannot find a link in archive for that user (if it's not already been provided), that user will be deleted from the forum database.

What is required

1. Fill in ALL parts of the registration form as asked for.

  • Where it asks for birthdate, the information must be filled out. Otherwise, the user will be restricted to the guest accessible parts of the board, and be unable to use the rest of the board. Remember, this is an age restricted site after all.
  • Where it asks for "AFF Author Page", that is where you provide the link to your fiction portal user page. i.e. http://members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=50. The number at the end of the path changes, of course, to the one which is your actual user ID. The path I listed is simply an example.
  • Where it asks for "pen name" please fill that out with your actual pen name in the archive.
  • Where it asks for email, be sure to include a valid email address. Invalid email addresses cause your forum membership to be deleted without warning.

Frequently, I come across registrations where all that is listed is the pen name. Not a huge problem, as I will then search the archive for that user to verify whether or not they are one of our users. That also points out why that information must be accurate.

User Validation

This is a two step process. Self validation and administrator validation.

There are reasons for it being this way. Most importantly, to protect the site and its members from spam mail harvesters, bots, and spamming users which love to troll the internet and create memberships in forums (this happens all the time) so that they can post their linkage to their various sites (usually pill sites and the like). A spam mechanism doesn't register with a real email address, so it has no way to validate its membership.

First step is to click on your validation link you'll recieve after registration. Be sure to check your junk/spam folders for this mail, as many mail handlers filter this type of mail out as spam. Once you click that link, you then move the admin validation queue.

While in the admin validation queue, there are things that I check for, and this determines whether or not the user is approved to use the board the software.

  • real email address - If a user registers with a fake mail, it bounces back to the forum email, and that user will not be validated. Be sure to use the email that you use in archive, as a non match from there to here will also cause the registration to be deleted from queue.
  • Fiction portal (archive) link/pen name - I check to see whether or not the user has an actual archive page, if he/she does not, that user is not validated.

I have the validation queue set up to auto delete anyone who has not validated after 7 days. So, if one does not validate their initial registration, that user is deleted regardless by the forum itself.

Melrick or I check the admin queue at least once a day, depending upon my own work schedule, and other things that crop up in my offline life. If the user is not validated from the admin queue immediately, don't panic, I will get to you. The time I have scheduled for checking that queue is from 3pm to 5pm EST. So, please be patient, it will be gotten to. Having said all that, please allow up to 24 hours for the admin validation to occur.

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