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Dance of the Vampires / Tanz der Vampire


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Hey guys! Yeah, an other challenge by me - a rather..."special" one this time, which not all of you may like... I've recently started liking the idea of Count von Krolock and Herbert having more than a normal father-son-relationship. I know it's kinda sick, but maybe vampires don't care as much about loving a family member as humans do ^^;

Plot (if you can even call it like that): Herbert has always admired his father, but when he grew up, this admiration turned into love. Well, at first he thought it's nothing more than that kind of love a son feels for his father. But soon he had to admit to himself that it's more. And when Count von Krolock decides to spend more time with Herbert to increase the father-son bonding, Herbert gets a rather different idea of it and tries to seduce the Count.

That much for the "plot". Now some other ideas and details:

- It's up to you what exactly von Krolock has in mind for spending some time with Herbert. Maybe it's just a talk, or they have a walk in some forest or whereever. Anything you'd like.

- And maybe it's already noticable from the plot description, but I'd like Herbert to take the dominant part (not necessary, though - maybe the Count will turn the tables).

- Herbert's attempts to seduce his father will be succesful. Maybe he'll need a second try, but he will succeed.

Please keep in mind that the text above is just an idea I had. If you have your own plot in mind, feel free to use it (-: And if you'd rather like to write a PWP...that's okay too. I think that's all... I really hope someone will write it, since I've already read a few Krolock/Herbert fics (and good ones, too). Feel free to contact me if you have questions or ideas to share ^^

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