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What is needed in a Disclaimer?


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Disclaimers are needed to not only protect the archive itself, but the user, individually. By disclaiming stories, the archive is protected to the point of worst case scenario being deletion of content, and the user is protected whereby the archive is better able to protect the user's information on file, particularly the emails.

What is needed-
For fanfiction-
Say that you do not own the fandom, by NAME of that fandom. Character disclaimers are not enough. Say you make no money on the fiction.

Crossover fanfiction-
ALL fandoms in the story must be disclaimed. If the user knows they're going to exceed the 240 character limit in the disclaimer field, then put in that field “see full disclaimer below”, and do the FULL disclaimer as required. It only needs to appear in the first chapter, if disclaiming in this manner.

Celebrity/Real person fiction-
The author must state they do not know the person (or group), they must state that it is fiction, and they must state that there is no money/profit made.

Original fiction-
The author must state it's a work of fiction, and include a resemblance clause.

Original poetry-
The author must state it's a work of poetry, and include a resemblance clause.

Original non fiction-
The author must state that it's a work of non fiction. They then must state that where possible, permission has been granted by the person (or people) involved in the story.

Fiction based on Myths, Legends, and Fairy Tales-
The original fiction disclaimer should be used for these stories.
Example for the above

Fiction based on books which are now public domain-
The author needs to acknowledge the fandom in some fashion (whether inspired by or whatever), and add a resemblance clause, like what is required for original fiction.

Blanket disclaimers in profile
We don't accept them, as there are entirely too many categories throughout the archive, for it to be effective. You MUST attach a disclaimer to each and every story you add.

I have included links to examples, so that you know exactly what we're looking for. The reason for the brevity, is the fact there are ONLY 240 characters available in the disclaimer field, and spaces do count as characters within the field.

Verbose disclaimers within a chapter do NOT count as an author note, as that is not what they are. If you need to make a disclaimer which is more than 240 characters, in the disclaimer field, simply input -See full disclaimer below (oneshots) or See full disclaimer chapter 1 (multichapter). This TELLS us where to look.

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There are consequences to having a non disclaimed or improperly disclaimed story.

When an improperly disclaimed fiction is found, the Admin will post a REVIEW stating the disclaimer is in violation, and what needs to be corrected.

The user will have one week from the Review date to properly disclaim their work. After one week, if the fiction is still in violation, it will be HIDDEN.

After a story is hidden, the user will have 30 days from the date the story is hidden, to properly disclaim the work and contact the Admin, requesting the fiction be returned to public view. If after 30 days, the fiction is still in violation, or the user has not contacted the Admin, it will be DELETED.

Finally, yes, WE ALL DO realize that fanfiction by its NATURE is not for profit. However, if it's not stated, it's still not a proper disclaimer. So, whether some of you think it's obvious or not, it still MUST be stated. A blanket disclaimer in the user profile is not acceptable, it HAS to be attached to the story.

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