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How to Select a Rating Level

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SFW rating

This rating means "Safe For Work", meaning no sex or anything explicit. If you wouldn't want your boss - or grandmother - reading it then do not using this rating.

Adult rating

Simple drabbles, songfics, and poetry usually belongs here. Stories that are rated "Adult" can also include things such as strongly suggestive imagery or situations, heavy groping, insinuations of sexual activity, adult language, and violence -- the key is that stories rated this way are generally nonexplicit in their descriptions.

Adult+ rating

Most Stories fall into this category -- these are Stories that are clearly for mature audiences only. Stories that might be given the "Adult+" rating include things such as explicit sexual activity, unapologetic violence, descriptive fight scenes which allow for all due blood and gore, and a limitless adult vocabulary.

Adult++ rating

No holds barred here, really -- this rating should be applied to all Stories that are not for the faint of heart. "Adult++" is how we suggest you rate a Story that involves heavy or off-the-wall kinks, the darkest of plotlines, intense psychological mind games, excessively gory or disturbing depictions of torture or death, unusually graphic descriptions of sex, gratuitously crude language, or the addressing of acutely controversial subjects.

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