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KisaraP: My Responses to my Reviews for my story Voldemort Goes Back To School

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Hi Everyone! Ok super funny I swear. So I'm thinking, Ok I'm safe on AdultFanfiction, because now I don't have to worry about any sort of Content issue or Explicit Content issue with my story, Right?! WRONG! I got a message from the administrators like Super quickly when I had apparently posted my Replies to my Reviews at the beginning of my story! And basically they're like, you're story will be hidden and then deleted if you don't fix this problem (meaning if I don't either shorten or delete my replies to my reviews at the beginning of the chapter!) I'm like WTF?! Seriously?! I just don't get it. This Forum site is WAYYY to confusing for me. So hopefully when I 'Cut' my Replies to my Reviews from where I had them at the beginning of the chapters to my story and 'Paste' them here, Hopefully my Dear Reviewers and Readers will be able to find it!

Chapter 1 Responses:

My Responses to Ch. 1 Reviews:

Hi La-tee!

I hope you received my email! If you did not, please let me know and I will try to send it again (please make sure your email address in your first review is accurate as it appears on this website, since I don’t know if this website prevents the use of email addresses and other internet addresses).

Thank you so much for being my First Review! I’m so happy that you like my story!

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

From Kisara


unneeded 2012-06-17 id # 3001383001

snickers this is going to be a lot of fun... still, why didn't Harry's Har crux start hurting him when Even/mort showed up?

Are there horcrux's in this one?

lol, har's luck is running true to form. I do wonder how he'll feel when he learns that he's been snogging V?


Hi Unneeded!

Lol, I was laughing as I was writing the scenes too!

Excellent question, when I first started writing this story, I wasn’t yet sure if I was going to include the whole Horcrux thing. Now I’m pretty sure I’m going to include it. Now as to think up an explanation as to why Harry’s scar wasn’t hurting; it would either be because: 1. Voldemort was really happy that he’s about to kill Harry, and therefore, Harry merely thought it was he himself who was feeling generally happy; OR 2. Voldemort did something to dull the connection between Harry’s scar Horcrux and himself (Voldemort). I may eventually address this more directly in the future.

Um… once Harry finds out he’s been snogging Voldie, I’m pretty sure Harry will be somewhat freaked out! I have not yet fully contemplated precisely what will happen, but I’m sure there will be a lot of… um… denial and feelings of guilt involved. But this scene will not occur for quite a while! I really want to develop Voldie’s character in how he deals with playing the role of a ‘normal’ student while he’s secretly trying to ‘off’ Harry.

Thanks so much for your very intuitive questions and comments!

I look forward to hearing more from you soon! Thanks for Reviewing!

From Kisara


jami_lee 2012-06-17 id # 3001383006

Love it!! Can't wait to read more.


Hi Jami_lee!

Thank you so much! I’m so happy that you love my story! Yes, more is definitely coming! Lots more!

I hope to hear more from you in the future!

Thanks so much for Reviewing!

From Kisara


Lizzosaur 2012-06-17 id # 3001383014

I loved it.


Hi Lizzosaur!

I’m thrilled that you loved my story! I hope you will continue reading it! And I hope to hear more of your comments in the future!

Thanks for Reviewing!

From Kisara


Devourer 2012-06-17 id # 3001383018

This chapter was fantastic. The way Voldemort was acting, from his stuttering to his embarrassment over his "love bites" was hilarious! I can't wait to see what you have planned for the next chapter.


Hi Devourer!

Thank you so much! I was totally laughing along with the scene as I was writing it! I’m so happy that you think it turned out as well as and as hilarious as I thought it was!

Oh, I have Lots more planned! Muahahaha! (Poor Voldie! Little does he know!

I look forward to hearing more from you in the future!

Thanks so much for Reviewing!

From Kisara


cinder1013 2012-06-19 id # 3001383201

This is hysterical! I laughed right along with Draco.


Hi Cinder1013!

Thank you so much! I totally agree that this was hysterical! I find a lot of Voldie scenes tend to be very… um… ‘serious’ in nature… well, other than when Voldie and whoever is in the scene aren’t ‘banging’ each other… So I think it’s great to have a funny scene that Voldie is basically ‘the star’ of!

Thanks so much for Reviewing! I look forward to hearing from you again in the future!

From Kisara

Chapter 2 Responses:

Hi DoubleG!

I’m so happy that you’ve liked it so far! I may at some point in the far future consider doing the scene you have asked for. But so far, I think the present relationship is still too fresh to go throwing something like that in quite this soon. Plus… well, there might be some more complex relationships developing. My stories tend to be… well ‘original’ in general; meaning, I have very little time in my life to spare for ‘free time’, and thus, if there is already a story out there similar to what I had in mind, I would have never taken the time to actually write that plot to begin with. Thus, it is because I have never yet read a story quite like this one that was in part the cause of my taking the time to write it. And also, my lovely friend who has also kindly volunteered herself to be my Beta, was also the one who encouraged me to write this story. :)

I will do my best to update more too!

Thanks for Reviewing!

From Kisara


Talented_Mrs_Lupin 2012-06-20 id # 3001383295

Oh my goddess...i love this story...i love Voldemort and he is aborable in this story and I'm really loving the semi-dominant Harry Potter so much better than the little "bitch" Potters that i see in alot of other stories!! PLEASE UPDATE SOOOOOOON!!!


Hi Talented_Mrs_Lupin!

I’m so happy that you love this story! I think so too! It’s so fun to watch ‘the Dark Lord’ be thrown into a situation where he is completely out of his element and doesn’t have a clue what to do in response… well… at least ‘consciously’ speaking! ;)

Aww thank you so much! Yes, I agree with you that I think many authors make Harry um… a bit too submissive. I’m emphasizing Harry’s Gryffindor courage and rashness, which I think are a couple key elements that would tend to make Harry more ‘dominant’ rather than ‘submissive’.

Thanks so much for Reviewing! I look forward to hearing from you more in the future!

From Kisara


Hi Oribia!

Thank you so much! And very awesome spelling: ‘schmexy’ by the way!

I hope you’ll enjoy this next part!

Thanks for Reviewing! I hope to hear more from you in the future!

From Kisara


Hi Moodysavage!

Wow! Thank you so much for giving me some background information about your usual preferences! That makes me feel really super awesome as a writer. To know that a reader typically wouldn’t be interested in a certain pairing, but then to write a story that that same reader really enjoys anyway, is a gigantic compliment! Thank you so so much!

Yes, I too was cracking up when I first came up with the idea for the scene of how Voldie and Harry would first be ‘thrown together’. And continued laughing all the way through writing it! So I’m so happy that I was able to convey the scene in my mind into written form for you to laugh too!

Hmm, maybe. I think Harry though expects Draco to give him one of his famous sneers and death glares, so I’m not sure Harry would misinterpret Draco’s expressions at this point in time. Though… maybe if things between them had gotten off to a better start (ie Draco not insulting both Hagrid and Ron), then maybe such ‘misunderstanding’ might have later arisen.

Yes, the Dark Lord’s stuttering and flushes are so hilarious and cute! I’m so happy that you are loving Voldie as ‘Evan Farley’.

Eventually, though, we’ll have to see a little bit more of Voldie’s ‘dark side’, because otherwise, it’d be entirely unrealistic behavior for him. However, this is for the most part a Romance/Humor story, so I will do my best not to go too ‘dark’, but if I do, I promise promise promise that it is an absolutely necessary part to this story and where I want it to ‘end up’. The most I can say, is in the far future, when those parts which may arise, do arise, just to skim them if it’s hard to read them.

I will tell you though, that I am not one for ‘angst’, usually I get quite enough of that in the ‘real world’. I turn to fiction and fantasy to get away from all of that!

Hmm, great catch about Draco! We’ll be seeing more of him very soon ;)

Oh ok, thanks for letting me know, I’ll probably do that in the future.

Thanks so much for Reviewing! I can’t wait to read what else you think about future chapters to see if in light of your typical preferences you still find yourself loving this story.

From Kisara


Hi Uneeded!

Yup yup! I completely agree! Which is why Voldie as ‘Evan’ is a stuttering, flushed mess of arousal! The Real author never really goes into Voldie’s sexuality, and from what I can tell, he never even really dated anyone. At least from what I can remember. Although, I do believe it’s canon that Bellatrix has a crush or obsession with Voldie, but that he does not return her feelings. So this left open multiple possibilities for me to decide what Voldie’s sexuality would be like and why and possibly even how it may have changed over time. So look forward to more!

Hahaha, your comment totally make me literally LOL! ‘to splash around in his own private stock of a certain Egyptian river’ = De’Nile! (Ding ding ding!). Oh and the first part: ‘currying back into the closet’, so it’s a Gay Beach Party! YAY! I’ll bring my camera and my laptop! Gotta get it all down after all!

Yup, Harry’s Gryffindor courage and boldness/rashness tend to lead to many hilarious (and borderline dangerous) fun for us readers (and writers)!

Ohhh, the things I have in store for Draco and Evan! Muahahaha! Oh yes, I’m sure Draco’s going to be helping real soon! ;)

Thank you! I definitely hope it does! I’m certainly planning on it. And to the best of my knowledge, there will be absolutely No Filler! Everything is in this story for at least One Reason! If I did add fillers, I would jump off a cliff, because honestly, even without any fillers at all, I’m estimating that this story will be over 300,000 words when I’m done with it, but possibly even 400,000. I’m both laughing hysterically at myself and crying into my imaginary bucket, because I can see all my free time evaporating before my eyes! I love writing, but I also have a bunch of other Arts that I love doing, not to mention getting together with family and friends, and oh yeah: Work! Someone’s gotta pay for my electric bill (and internet, and water… etc… oh yeah, food!) lol.

Thank you so much for Reviewing! I look forward to hearing from you again soon!

From Kisara


Hi Asami_Akihito!

Quick clarification: Did you sister tell you to read my story specifically? Or did your sister just tell you to check out the Harry Potter archive on this AdultFanfiction website?

If the answer is the former, I’m jumping up and down! Also, if it’s the former, did your sister post a review too? If so, what’s her Username/Penname?

Are you on the Naruto fanfiction pages on AdultFanfiction specifically? Or just in general, including all other fanfiction websites? Do you have a favorite pairing? I was first a fan of Naruto/Sasuke, and I still am… and then I got into a bit of Itachi/Sasuke! And in terms of Itachi/Sasuke, I think it makes a lot of sense now that I’ve thought about it, because it was so strange at first for Itachi to kill his entire family, including his mom, who I thought he got along with just fine (or actually loved), but yet, he left only 1 person behind (Sasuke). So I’m thinking, well, it can’t just be regular ‘love’… so… maybe it’s something else… like ‘romantic love’! I’m not sure what your thoughts on that subject are, or if you ever had considered it previously. I’d be curious to know what you think! :)

Thank you so much! I’m so happy you think it’s both funny and original. As I think I had mentioned in other review, I would only ever take the time out of my busy schedule to write a story that was significantly different from other stories that had already been written by other authors.

Yes, I’m planning on working on more character development based on the events that will take place throughout the Long course of this story. So they should definitely continue to keep you hooked, entertained… possibly more… ;)

Thank you so much! It makes me feel really good to know that you as a reader realize and appreciate how much time and effort it takes to create a really good, well-written story. So far, I go through about 2 rounds of Beta’ing with my Beta to make sure the story flows and that there are no grammar mistakes. Of course, I don’t ask her to beta my Review Responses! So I just hope for the most part my going over those is sufficient!

Thank you so much for all your wonderful compliments and thanks so much for Reviewing! I definitely look forward to hearing more of what you have to say in the future! Ttys!

From Kisara

Chapter 3 Responses:

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