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Glad to oblige -- one question for everyone before I do this, though. I googled Imadoki (it's something I do to make sure Categories are spelled/capitalized/punctuated properly before I let them go live on the site), and almost everything I've found so far refers to it as a manga, not an anime.

I see that a series was made out of the manga, so it is, in fact, an anime too -- so no, SolitaryCheshire I am not saying you are somehow in the wrong. I only want to get you the most views for your post, and I thought maybe people in the Comics (where manga goes) Archive would have more of an eye out for your Story than those in the Anime Archive.

What do you think? Any input's welcome, but if no one says anything by tomorrow, I'll just do it as SolitaryCheshire requested.

Ah, thank you!. Either is just fine... Whichever you think is best. And nevermind on Power, I saw that the american version 'Girl Got Game" Is up. wub.gif

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