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What’s this ‘Archive Profile’ and ‘Archive Penname’ stuff about?


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“When I was creating an account in the forum,” you inquire, “it asked me for my ‘Archive Profile’ and ‘Archive penname’; what on earth is that?”

Here is a brief explanation, along with the basic purpose of this forum.

This forum is here to support the archive (http://www.adult-fanfiction.org) where all the stories are uploaded to. That really is the fundamental reason for its being. So if you’re a writer, we want this forum to be here for you to ask questions or discuss your story, or the stories of others, or to pass on useful titbits to other writers.

So, because of that, if you wish to join the forum, you need to have an account on the archive. So if you’re trying to join the forum but don’t have an account on the archive already, you need to do that first, otherwise you won’t be allowed to join the forum. Don’t worry, the archive is just as free to join as the forum.

So the 'Archive Profile' box should include the URL of your profile on the archive, which will look something like this: members.adult-fanfiction.org/profile.php?no=1234957890. And the 'Archive Penname' will be the penname you use in the archive, which may or may not be the same as your forum username; some people have the same name, while others prefer different usernames for the forum and archive. It's up to you.

“But,” you shout pointlessly at the screen, “I want to join the forum to discuss stories, yet I’m not a writer; can I still join?” Absolutely! This is also a place for readers to interact with the authors. We do recommend signing up for the archive as it will allow you to leave reviews when you read even if the author has anonymous reviews turned off - As reviews are an author's best friend, please make sure you leave them! As for how to sign up when you do not have an archive account, please ensure you read the first part of the registration process, the Forum Terms & Rules and that question will be answered there!

This is important: it really is in your best interest to sign up to the forum and the archive using the same email address, otherwise it's possible your application to join the forum may be denied. Why? You can thank spammers for our scepticism.

As always, you’re welcome to ask a moderator a question if you’re not sure on anything. There’s a ‘General Staff Questions’ section in the forum where you can post your question if you can’t find the answer elsewhere.

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