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New Category Requests

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Be sure to follow the format that Solaris set up, it's easy to use.

What will NOT be added:

categories which would more properly be story tags, and/or belong in the description
single character categories
canon character/ofc or omc/canon character
categories which do NOT have a story either already uploaded for it, or one available for upload.

What we're looking for to add a pair specific category:

That there are 5 or more stories available to move to it upon creation. I do need to SEE that these 5 stories do exist, so when making your request, be sure to add the links to the 5 stories with the specific pair.

Quarterly maintenance:

Following the overall archive cleanup, we will be monitoring subcategories for activity. If a category, for example, was created for a user, and there have never been stories added to it after about 3 months, it will be deleted. It's not necessary to maintain a blank subset in any given table, and in fact can slow things down over time.

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