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A diabolical plot bunny begging to be birthed

Guest Lady Izzy

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Guest Lady Izzy

Okay, first time I've ever done one of these and gotta say I am a little nervous but I figured it cant hurt to try lol. Plot bunny #1 is a hp/SPN/The Covenant crossover. Pairing Harry with one of the Winchester brothers and Reed (if you can squeeze a little Cas in there as well props!) Don't care what kind of plotline as long as Harry is strictly bottom, and he meets up with the covenant first. Idid have my own idea for this that I would love if you used but you dont need to. My idea was have Harry go to Ipswitch to ask for help from / see what the story is on the Sons of Ipswitch only to find out that the Ipswitch Sons powers are demonic in nature, hence why the power is addictive and why they age the more they use. In Harry's attempt to break their familial curse,he comes Crowley/Lilith (your choice) and that meeting eventually leads to meeting the Winchesters. That was my plot bunny but honestly I'd love to just read any fic with this crossover as long as it was slash. If anyone would like to take up this challenge please email me a link to your rendition of this crossover! Also, extra super special brownie points if you make Harry a creature!

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