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I'm giving up all rights to this story, mainly because while I may have the perfect idea in my head, I can't exactly write it out to the proper potential it has. This is an interesting story set in the Star Trek: Voyager fandom. I call it interesting, mainly because it's a Seven/Tuvok story (which I have NEVER seen before). I have all the overview/summary/idea notes written down. I did a lot of research for this story. I even have up to three chapter's out. But my style of writing just isn't doing this fic justice. So, if you're interested, we should chat and see how this could go. I'd give up everything, even the stories title. You could changed everything, EXCEPT the storyline/universe it's set in and the pairing. I never got around to finishing this and would look forward to seeing this story written (especially since it's the only one of it's kind-at least that I know of!)

Archive Pen Name: Skettimon

Story Title: Right now, Illogical Moments.

Genre: Not entirely sure: Romance/ActionAdevnture/Angst?

Pairing: Tuvok/Seven of Nine

Summary: Tuvok struggles to control is emotions around Seven of Nine.

How many chapters written: Three full ones, two half ones.

Basic plot: Okay. So. This is what I wrote down about a year ago. Sorry, it's quite long, but I cant really express this story without showing you guys this.

The Vulcans in this timeline are a little more aggressive-they're polite and logical but when it comes to their race and the races that helped to keep the bloodlines "pure" they are very agressive and logical in that violence. "Logical Violence." In this way, I should be able to make Tuvok "lose" himself without turning him into something that would read as "illogical".

Overview: Story focuses mainly on Tuvok and how he never met T'Pel, since Vulcan was destroyed. The Vulcanis Lunar colony where Tuvok was born we will keep, since Vulcan actually has no moon. We'll assume that the colony was out of the Vulcan star system, at least for the sake of this story.

It doesn't say where T'Pel was born, so we shall assume that due to the destruction of Vulcan her parents were there and destroyed as well.

Tuvok will have been birthed on the same stardate as the original universe. He will resign in 2296, go back the lunar colony, immerse himself in the Kolinahr. He will also try to teach at the Vulcanis Institute of Defensive Arts (an off shoot of what was once on the Vulcan planet). In 2304, where he would have been married and had kids, he instead returns to Starfleet with a wanting of something more. Knowledge, perhaps, of the races that in his past seemed to be illogical and spontaneous.

Everything will happen as did in the original verse. He meets Seven at the same time in the original universe, 2374. However, instead of taking 7 years to return "home" they took little over 15 years, giving enough time for Seven and Tuvok to become well aquainted and more.

Genre: Romance/Action Adventure

Story starts out with Tuvok being taught about Vulcan's destruction in a "classroom" (indented spheres in floor that were shown in ST09). He is being taught that Vulcan being destroyed is every reason to have even more respect for where he comes from. Tuvok takes this to heart.

The next scene shows him entering Starfleet. Instead of him voicing his opinions against Sulu's rescue attempt of James Kirk, he says nothing. While this is illogical, he also understands that Kirk had a hand in saving most of the Vulcan knowledge he knows today. He exhibits a strong respect for Kirk and Spock, even though he disagrees with Spock's peace treaty with the Klingons, and disagrees with Kirk's irrationality.

Scene after that shows him entering his first ponfarr, approximately (about 60-80) years after leaving Starfleet. He does not find a mate.

Scene after shows him teaching the Defensive Arts at the Vulcanis Institute. Many years after, we show him going back to starfleet.

Next scene shows him meeting Kathryn Janeway.

The scene after shows him being transferred to the USS Voyager after the incidents involving the Maquis. So follows the seasons away from his parents and every bit of Vulcan tie he has left to that sector of the galaxy. He feels sort of peaceful thouugh? His only real tie are his parents. And he knows they would be "supportive" (proud to harsh a word-it's a feeling) of him no matter what he accomplished or did not accomplish.

Then, he meets Seven of Nine, and becomes instantly intrigued by her. He does not act on any sexual feelings for her for many years, since at first he does not feel that for her. At first he feels only a strong friendship and an interesting urge to help her learn and grow. After four years of a strong friendship, Tuvok one day notices that he feels something more for her. Seven is oblivious to his feelings for quite a while, and Tuvok intends to keep it that way. His feelings for her seem inappropriate to him, since Seven is emotionally young and still learning. He fears a relationship with her would put her under to much stress, as well as ruin their strong friendship.

However, he has no idea of the lessons The Doctor has been giving her over the years, and little does she know that she feels a sort of attraction to him that she has nevery felt before for anyone. But she believes he has never been interested. So she finds that Chakotay is interested in her and goes with it. This will be shortly towards the end of the story, because if this is how it will have to be, then I may just end it with Seven and Chakotay getting together and then Tuvok hitting Pon Farr.

Show some chapters of your renditions or times when Tuvok helped Seven, and vice versa. Recount the episode of "Infinite Regress" where Tuvok initates a mind-meld.

(Could also write another fic going this way-he never met T'Pel, or had kids. But he initiates the mindmeld to help Seven in "Infinite Regress". After he finds her in the meld, he realises that since his species is a telepathic species, him and Seven become sort of linked together-more a Vulcan mating bond, but les than a Borg link. However, it does not trigger a Vulcan mating ritual. But it does pose problems for the two of them-especially when Seven finds that she has access to his "memory files", for lack of a better term, and finds out that Tuvok has feelings for her.)

During the "9th" year in space, Tuvok enters pon farr. He is highly distressed, very angry. Illogical, and unwilling to use a holoprogram. Seven, being very close to him, is upset by how much pain he is in. Janeway is unwilling to let Tuvok die just because he refuses to take a mate on board the Voyager. Tuvok tries to avoid Seven at all costs, even though she IS the mate he wishes to take. But through all of his illogical-ness, he refuses to persue her due to their friendship. It is finally Seven who tracks him down and demands to know why he refuses help. It takes great struggle for him not to meld with her. Seven, finally realising why he refuses help and has isolated himself, surprises him by asking him to be HER mate.

It is then that Seven reveals that she too has had feelings for him for quite some time, but due to him being Vulcan, she assumed he would want a more "appropriate" partner (implying that she thinks she was unsuitable, and to un-Vulcanlike for him to consider her).

They mate, they bond. They return to their duties as par usual.

If everything goes great with this story, I could either continue it in a sequel (showing how the daily lives of an ex-borg and a Vulcan go), along with my rendition of what happens when they find out that Tuvok has a brain issue. They will remain on Voyager for another six years, so perhaps a sequel shall be in order.

All of that above could be changed to fit your needs-aside from Vulcan being destroyed...and I would like it if you could use my prologue or at least the the first chapter. I worked really hard on all of this information, and it would really mean a lot if I could see some of it put to good use.

You can reach me by email (skettimon9@gmail.com), or pm. If you want all of my notes, or would like to read over the chapter's I've written, just give me a shout and I'll send them out. I don't get to use the internet often, as I'm poor and don't have a computer, ha, but when I do I PROMISE I will try to respond to you as best I can.

I REALLY HOPE SOMEONE WILL TAKE THIS OFF MY HANDS-it's a great opportunity to write the first fic on this pairing!!



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Guest Colonel Dracula

Wow, I would LOVE to have the opportunity to write this story! ^-^ It really does sound cool! Even though I have to admit that I'm not a huge fan of non-canon fanfics, I must admit, I reckon this really could work! (And yes, I'm a very big trekkie and ST:Voy is my favoured universe/the one I know best) ...but unfortunately, I really don't think that I have the time to devote to it right now... D: and I really want the time to properly devote to this, to do it justice, if I was going to write it!

But kudos for such a cool plot idea, though! ^-^ There are so few trekkies out there (or at least, as it seems to me!) So I have to say it makes me happier than it probably should knowing there are others who love the ST multi-verse enough to fanfic it! Hahah! XD I have my own ST:Voy fic semi-worked out, but I just haven't had time to write it proper enough to post/publish any :( let alone take on this one, too!

That said, if you feel like talking about ST (or anything else, I guess) feel free to PM me, lol, I do love a good Trekkie based convo! Hahah! ^-^

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