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How to clear cookies, cache, and etc


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In Internet Explorer -

From the menu bar, select Tools, scroll down to Internet Options

Select the "General" tab, and click "Delete"


Close the browser

Restart your computer

Internet Explorer needs you to restart the machine entirely, to finish clearing cookies, history, and etc. Simply closing and restarting the browser won't do it.

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in Google Chrome

Select the tool icon chrome1.PNG

In the "Tools" menu, scroll to options and click it

In the options menu, select "under the hood" chrome2.PNG

Go to the section titled "Clear Browsing Data"

* with the update to the browser, "under the hood" is now "settings"*


Make selections as needed. When I do this, I obliterate everything except passwords. What MUST be selected, is "empty the cache" and "Delete cookies and other site data"

Click "Clear browsing data"

Close the browser

Restart it.

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In Firefox

Click Options in the top menu fftop.PNG

Select Privacy in the Options tabs normal_fftabs.PNG

Next, there are two steps to this. Firefox has TWO places where you must clear the cookies, or it will not work.


Removing cookies -

You have two ways to go about this. Remove them individually, or remove them all at the same time.

To remove individually, and be sure you get ALL adult-fanfiction.org cookies

In the search box, type in .adult-fanfiction.org. This will bring up all AFF cookies


Remove each cookie that shows up in the list with that search parameter

To remove all cookies - select "Remove all Cookies" normal_removeallcookies.PNG

The last step is to clear from the history link

Make sure the time range selected is "Everything"


You must select Cookies, Cache, and Active Logins.

Click, "Clear Now"

Close the browser, and restart it.

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In Opera

Select Settings>Preferences from top menu


Click the "Advanced" tab.

Select History, click clear

Select Cookies

Select Manage Cookies


type adult-fanfiction.org in the search box

Delete all cookies which show up for the site, in the search box

Close the browser. Restart it.

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