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FAQ edit requests for recommended authors, reading, & current reading

Guest LakotaGirl

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Guest LakotaGirl

Can we please make a note of the character/spaces limit for the open text fields for each of these new features?

Here are the links to the associated FAQs:




Each of these FAQ have a statement similar to: "In the text box, you may type why you are recommending this story to other readers. It helps if you can give specific reasons why you enjoyed the story. If you reviewed the story, you can even use all or part of your review here." At the end can we add "You are limited to ____ characters which includes punctuation and spaces."

There is a character space limit of 240 characters on the currently reading text field. I haven't hit the limit yet on the recommended author or the recommended story text fields, but there must be one for those options as well. The open text field doesn't stop you when you have exceeded your limit, so you only find out there is a limit when you view what you typed after it has been added & discover part of what you typed is missing. DemonGoddess061 gave me the 240 limit for current reading via the Shoutbox when I asked if anyone knew what it was.

If people know their limit in advance then they can try to make certain they stay within that limit or at least they can't complain or say they had no notice of such when they are directed to the FAQ that gives them the limit.

Thanks and sorry to be such a pain asking for edits.

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