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Seto helps Katsuya with her pregnancy:

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Guest Kitty985

Chapter: 1

Katsuya lived with her father in Utah Texas. She had a boyfriend named Ken he was a little older than Katsuya was and her father didn't like it but he let it slid for his daughter. One night Katsuya was over at Ken's apartment he was drunk and Katsuya was a little tipsy. Ken pulled Katsuya to his bed room and layed Katsuya down on the bed. They kissed and made love half the night until Ken passed out and Katsuya fell asleep. A few weeks went by and Katsuya had been sick for a couple days so her dad made an appointment for her to see a doctor. Katsuya went to the doctor's and found out that she was pregnant. When her father came home he saw that Katsuya was sitting on her bed and she was crying. He went over to her and sat down on the bed and put his arm around his daughts shoulder.

Kyle: What's wrong Katsuya, what did the doctor say?

Katsuya: Dad, he said that I'm pregnant.

Kyle: I figured that.

Katsuya: Dad what am I going to do?

Kyle: Well first you need to go tell Ken that your pregnant, second you need to decide if you want to keep the baby our give it up for adoption.

Katsuya: I know dad.

Kyle: Do you want me to take you?

Katsuya: No, dad I'll be okay.

Kyle: Ok, I'll be here when you get back.

Katsuya: Ok.

Kyle hugged his daughter then Katsuya got up off the bed and walked out of the house and drove to Ken's apartment. She parked in front of his place and got out and walked up the steps to the door and knocked on the door. Ken opened the door and leaned against the door frame with a smile on his face.

Kyle: Hi, baby I wasn't expecting to see you until later tonight.

Katsuya: Hey, Ken.

Ken kissed Katsuya and pulled her in the apartment. He pushed her against the closed door and kissed her more. Katsuya pushed him back some.

Katsuya: Mm, Ken we need to talk.

Ken: Can't it wait?

Katsuya: No.

Ken: Fine, what do you want to talk about?

Katsuya: Do you remember about that night when you where drunk and I was a little tipsy?

Ken: Yeah, what about it?

Katsuya: Well we had sex that night.

Ken: So, what are you getting at?

Katsuya: Ken I've been sick for a few days now and I went to the doctor's today to see what was wrong with me.

Ken: So what's wrong?

Katsuya: Well it turns out that I'm pregnant.

Ken: You're what?

Katsuya: I'm pregnant.

Ken: Are you kidding me?

Katsuya: No, here look.

Katsuya took out a black and white photo and showed him it. Ken looked at it then looked at Katsuya.

Ken: What the hell is this thing?

Katsuya: It's our baby Ken.

Katsuya pointed to the peanut shape.

Katsuya: See this that's our baby aren't you happy?

Ken: No, I'm not happy about this Katsuya.

Katsuya: I thought you would be happy about us having a baby.

Ken: Well, I'm not and if you love me you'd get rid of this thing.

Katsuya looked at Ken shocked that he would say something like that.

Katsuya: You want to me get rid of our child?

Ken: Yes, if you love me you would.

Katsuya felt like she was going to cry so she tried to fight back the tears that threaten t fall.

Katsuya: If you loved me you would never ask me to get rid of our baby.

Ken: Will you stop saying our baby it's not my baby I don't want the fucking thing and if you don't want to get rid of it then get the hell out and never come back you or that.

Katsuya: Don't you love me?

Ken: Look I never really loved you, you where a great fuck and that's it.

Katsuya started to cry now.

Katsuya: You where using me just for sex?

Ken: Well if you want to call it that yes, now get out of my fucking life.

Joey: I will you fucking son of a bitch.

Katsuya picked up the photo that Ken had throw at her and walked to the door and opened it. She turned back to face Ken.

Katsuya: Oh, by the way the sex with you was fucking lousy I have had better sex before I meet you.

Katsuya then slammed the door and left Ken's place and she drove home. When she got home Katsuya went in she saw her father sitting in the living room.

Kyle: So how did he take it Katsuya?

Katsuya: He said that he wanted me to get rid of the baby and said if I didn't then he wanted me out of his life. Then he said that I was just a good fuck he never loved me dad.

Katsuya started to cry more and Kyle stood up and hugged her and rubbed her back.

Kyle: Shh, Katsuya its ok everything will work out for the best you'll see.

Katsuya: What am I going to do about the baby dad I don't want to kill it?

Kyle: You don't have to Katsuya you can have the baby and give it up for an adoption.

Katsuya: Yeah, but what if I want to keep the baby?

Kyle: Then I'll help you with the baby Katsuya.

Katsuya: Thank you dad.

Katsuya hugged her dad and he hugged Katsuya back. As the months went by and Katsuya started to show her father thought that it would be best if Katsuya went to live with her aunt that lived in Domino Japan. So Katsuya packed her clothes and Katsuya's father took her to the airport they hugged each other.

Katsuya: I'm going to miss you dad.

Kyle: Don't worry Joey once I sale the house I'll be moving down there to.

Katsuya: Ok, so dose aunt Judy know that I'm 4 months pregnant?

Kyle: Yes, Katsuya she knows.

Katsuya: Ok, I'll call you when aunt Judy picks me up to let you know that I'm okay.

Kyle: Ok, Katsuya keep me up to date on how you and the baby are doing.

Katsuya: I will dad.

They hugged once more.

Kyle: Well, you better go before you miss your plane.

Katsuya: Ok, bye dad I love you.

Kyle: Bye, Katsuya love you too.

Katsuya picked up her bags and walked to the terminal. She turned around once and waved bye to Kyle then walked to the plane.

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