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How to fix the glitches that are due to the rte


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Word exported to html

In your user cp

  • select edit story
  • select edit chapter
  • open the chapter
  • click "edit chapter

No real editing involved, other than opening it up and resaving the chapter

Wall o' Text in the editor

In one tab, have open your user CP

In a second tab, have open your chapter (so you can have a visual for the paragraphs)

You have a couple options here.

First, would be to open the chapter, delete the chapter data, and recopy it from your word processor. Be sure to use "copy from clipboard" or "copy from Word" to do this. The middle button is "copy as plain text". This removes all your formatting, so you don't want that.

Second is to open up a second tab as described above, and then manually insert the paragraphs using the enter key.

If you get the javascript error window, click ignore. It will have no effect, and will speed up the processing, rather than bogging down and/or locking up your browser.

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