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The Truth Behind His Life by faerys delight


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This is the review forum for The Truth Behind His Life. It is a cross over between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Batman but is slash.

Review by Jaylynn: Oh please update this! I'm right when I am thinking of Jack and Selina as the future Joker and Catwoman right? Lol I hope so. This is looking to be really interesting so I hope you continue. Is Xander going to have a love interest and if so, who or at least gender? *I like both depending on partners* Sorry for so many questions but I really think this is a great start and enjoy your writing style. *I hate it when I read a story start and love the idea but the writing style makes it hard to get into it.*

My Response: I'm planning on as soon as I can find a bit of muse swimming around my brain that's going on. *nodnod* I hope that you keep writing and enjoying. As for the pairing, I'm not sure. Right now I'm playing around with Dick/Xander.

Review by Roxas: Please write more to this story thanks.

My response: Yes, I will be, promise.

Review by tomboy17: hi . this is great , I love it not to mention you got sum of my favorite characters but mostly xander and joker , I don’t think you’ve mentioned you will be the pair , hope you update soon .

Review by tomboy17:

it rocks and you rock on baby ,and keep rocking on .

My response: Aww! I'm glad you like it so much. *bounces* And there will be pairings when I figure that one out, promise. *nods* *giggles and bounces* Thank you dearest.

Review by jgood27: good story, please update soon

My response: I will hopefully do so as soon as I have time and energy to do it with this story. I have so many others that I need to work on still.

Review by sacred legacies: *snickers* now thats ammusing. lol. *considers* Is Batman gonna wierd out when Xander and the Joker finally meet and Xander calls him papi?

My response: Oooh yes, the Batman is going to get the shock of a life time when I have those two meet for sure. *cackles and bounces*

Review by LAS: I really like the story and I can't wait until you update it.

My response: I'm glad you're enjoying this and I hope to write more once I get there.

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