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A story in the archive is gone. Can I ask someone to send me a copy?


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So, there was a story in the AFF archive that you want to read but is now gone, and now you want someone from the forum to send you a copy of it? And by 'copy', you're referring to an actual file, such as a TXT file, DOC file, PDF file, etc? Now you want to know if that's allowed?

It's not.

There's two main reasons why a story in the archive is no longer there. Firstly, AFF staff might have removed it because it broke one or more of our Terms of Service rules, such as the person was a minor when they wrote and uploaded it. Another reason is that the author might have removed the story themselves, for a variety of reasons, including wishing to have the story published.

So what's the big deal, you say? The big deal is that, regardless of who removed the story, it was done so because it was no longer meant to be read, at least online. You need to either respect our wishes, or the wishes of the author.  If you respect neither then you’re no longer welcome here, it’s as simple as that.

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