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How to process a donation using paypal


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I was asked to put up additional instructions, by a donator. She pointed out to me that not everyone would know how to do this, as you're not purchasing goods or a service. She was right in reminding me of that, as it simply never occurred to me that not all of us are complete computer nerds, like me.

So here we go..

After you've logged in to paypal-

Click send money in the top menu

in the field asking for email address or mobile number input affforums@gmail.com

Next, type in the amount you wish to send

Next, choose what currency you're using (paypal autoconverts to USD)

Next, click the personal tab, in the type of payment box

select other

In the email to recipient area, in the subject of the mail, type your pen name, then Y or N. This will tell me whether or not to add you to the public listing of donators.

click send money.



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