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I'm Stuck On My Fics! Help!

Guest Septra

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Guest Septra


You know something. As hard as I try, I can't seem to break thorugh on a fic... You seen that posting of mine that was about a stolen fic... guess what?

I tried to continue writing the same fic and totally lost inspiration for it. I am desperate to get some help on it. You might have seen it.

It's called Female Hanyu Inu.

I need some help with my plot. Well, continueing it anyway. So, if you want to help me, I would greatly appreciate any and all efforts.




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Female Hanyu Inu is a fic about a female version of Inuyasha. And her mate to be happens to be Sesshomaru. I'm in the middle of a massive rewrite and I intend to alter many facts of the current fic. Give more insight into her character and maybe revive Izayoi. Email me at my address, it's linked to my bio under the name Tryst. You can also read the first chapter and decide for yourself.

Thanks for the offer.





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