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First of all, let me start this one by saying that you do not use THIS site to flame another site, nor its members.

Secondly, one should realize that often, most of those members just so happen to belong to THIS archive as well. So, by flaming them here for another site, you are flaming AFF members.

So VERY not acceptable.


You see that? That's what I mean. The majority of Dokuga's 18 and over users, are here as well.

and then there is this review


It was left in response to a DRABBLE. Mind you, the author SAID it was a drabble. Drabbles are short.

and this one...while not a flame, she should've read what the author said, yes? The author clearly stated it was part of a thing where the story had to be 300 words OR LESS.


the AN that started it all, and very nearly caused a flame war here


AN in response to the email wherein she was instructed to remove the flame


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