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Can I have more than one archive membership?

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Short answer - NO

As with anything, there are some exceptions to this. Generally speaking, those are the published authors we have here, who wish to experiment and DON'T want that associated with their normal writing. That is the most common exception.

Should you feel the need to have more than one login, you need to contact an admin or moderator, explain your reasons why, and then you'll be told yes or no.

Some common occurrences of multiple memberships -

  • I can't access my account
    In this for instance, don't create a new account, CONTACT someone. Once you can show you do belong to the account in question, your login information will be provided to you.
  • I wanted to separate certain characters within my stories, with a new profile
    These are subject to immediate deletion. As often, there is double uploading as well. Aside from that, it's not a sufficient reason to create another login.
  • I am writing with someone else and we both need access to the account
    This is generally allowed. However, you DO need to inform the moderator team of this, so you're not accidentally deleted as a duplicate.

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