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Can I join the forum even though I won't be uploading stories to the archive?


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As some of you may know, the normal rules for joining this forum are that you must have a profile on the archive. If you don't then you'll be denied permission to join. You can thank spammers for the extra security. But there is an exception to that rule; you can join still join if you're a reader of the stories on the archive and don't intend to upload stories!

Here's what you need to do. During the signup process with this forum, you'll be provided with information, which includes the rules that apply to using the forum. Everyone needs to read these rules, because if your excuse for breaking them is that you didn't realise it was against the rules then that excuse won't be accepted. Now, in this information is also instructions that you need to follow if you're a reader/reviewer only and don't intend to upload any stories to the archive. A part of the process will involve you sending an email to an admin, where you'll be provided with further instructions. It's vitally important that you follow these instructions exactly, because failure to do so will mean a refusal to join. It's also just as important that you use the same email address for contacting the admin as for joining the forum.

When you do send an email to the admin, please don't do what many do and get upset because you didn't get a reply within minutes. You may well have to wait a day or two. We're all just volunteers who have lives outside of this, so sometimes real life is actually more important. Please be patient, but if you've waited several days without a reply (and you're sure the reply didn't end up in your email's spam folder) then either send an email to here or send a PM to preferably DemonGoddess061, who deals with that side of things, or otherwise send a PM to me.

If you're still wondering just why we ask for people to be a member of the archive then it's because the whole point of this forum is to provide a support service the writers uploading stories on the archive, and as a means for the readers and reviewers to contact those writers.

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