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This one is bold, even shows the stories as not hers in the story summary


All but TWO of this author's "stories" were someone else's work.

List of authors she stole from

Pillows (Original is Pillows by kawaii-kirei)

You stole it, give it back!!! (Original is Stealing Hearts by kawaii-kirei )

Marriage (Original is Marriage by kawaii-kirei)

Craving the warmth (Original is Craving the Warmth by Kurenai Tenshi)

Strawberrie Deoderant (Original is Your Love is Like Strawberries by naturalli)

Only If You Want Me To (Original is Only If You Want Me To by kawaii-kirei)

The authors she stole from, are all on fanfiction.net

In any case, this person needs to ...disappear...from here...

Which of course, I've done with all the stolen stuff. Other than leaving her profile up with what she did. ;)

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