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Why was I refused permission to join the forum?


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Okay, so you went to register to join our lovely forum just to get rejected. Why? For the love of god, why!? Well, there could be a number of reasons.

Firstly, did you actually read the instructions provided when you went to join the forum? I mean all of it? Many problems occur when people either don't read or just skim over the information provided. You really do need to read everything there.

You might have been rejected because you didn't have a profile with the AFF archive. Didn't realise that was required? That means you didn't read the information that was clearly provided to you during registration. :D But there is an exception. You don't need to have a profile in the archive if you are a reader and/or reviewer only, i.e. you don't intend to upload any stories to the archive. When you try join the forum, you must read all the information provided, because there you will see information on what you need to do to join the forum as a reader/reviewer only. You will need to follow those instructions exactly, otherwise you won't be approved to join.

You might have provided false information. (yes, we do check)

You might have decided to join the forum using a different email address than the one you joined up to the archive with. We check each person looking to join to make sure they're one and the same person, and if the email is different then - since we're the skeptical sort - chances are you'll be denied.

Also, if you recently tried to send an email to the email address provided to notify that you're a reader only and wish to join the forum, then you wouldn't have been successful, since we had major problems with that email address. This was roughly from November to December 2009. We now have in place an alternative email address, so you can now try again if you weren't successful before.

If none of the above reasons are true (and you're 100% positive!) then it could simply be human error. We do check each and every person looking to join the forum, and it's possible we accidentally denied you instead of being approved. We get spammers and spambots constantly trying to join. If you truly are sure you followed all the rules then try signing up again.

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