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Anyone up for a complete crack!fic? ... Anyone?


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Has anyone heard about the endangered fin whale found dead and pinned dead-center to a cruise ship's bow?

If you haven't, here's the link: Dead Whale Stuck to Cruise Ship Bow

Now for the challenge:

Almost everyone began ranting and raving about Kira striking various celebrities after Michael Jackson and Billy Mays died, and quite a few fics have been written about Kira setting his sights on them. But what happens when Kira decides the animal world needs a bit of cleansing as well?

(This may not make much sense, but the idea of Light watching a Discovery channel special on endangered fin whales, going on an internal mental tirade that lasts five chapters, and then writing "ENDANGERED FIN WHALE GETS HIT BY CRUISE SHIP LOL" in his Death Note almost makes me die laughing. I guess PETA hit a nerve of his or something?)

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Challenge Accept


Give meh 1 week and you shall have your Crack fic,

May the god Kira forgive my obstinate soul for what I am about to do.

But Im only doing 1 chapter

Let it be stated for the record I do not approve of animal slaughter. Only fictional animal slaughter.

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