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Why was my content deleted?


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This applies primarily to old, undiscovered minors who are now adults. Rather than deleting your account entirely, what is done, is all of your pre age 18 content is deleted. That is to protect the site, as you were NOT supposed to be here before your 18th birthday in the FIRST place. There are no exceptions to this, and it is done without warning or notification.

The other common deletion that is done on a near daily basis, is the deletion of "unfics". i.e. searches, lists, challenges, requests, and any OTHER type of document which does not belong in the archive. This is also done without notice or warning of any kind.

Finally, if one adds a story to the wrong subdomain entirely, it is deleted. What I mean by that, is if you add something, for example, that is original fiction, to the anime subdomain, it will be deleted. Or something that belongs in books, or any other subdomain OTHER than the one which it was added TO.

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