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Why was my story hidden?


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The most common reason would be an incorrect disclaimer. Once the disclaimer is corrected, the story is then unhidden. The hidden stories are checked AT THE LEAST every few days for correction in this for instance.

Some less common reasons for a story to be hidden:

The user has provided an invalid email address for the archive. In this for instance, as we have no way to contact the user, the profile is taken over, with a date as to final deletion IF the user does not contact one of the mods with a working email address.

The user is posting a story to cause a flame war, or flame baiting with a story (which is an unfic as well). While the matter is being resolved, not only will the story be hidden, if it's of this nature, it will be deleted.

The user has AN chapters, self reviews, review demands. These are handled in a manner near identical to undisclaimed/incorrectly disclaimed stories.

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